Hazel-E opens up about ATV accident
"Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star Hazel-E denies she got a nose job and opens up about her ATV accident in Dubai. Pictured: Hazel-E at the Los Angeles premiere of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" Sept. 9, 2014. Getty Images

On Monday's episode of VH1's "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood," Amber Hunter is still struggling with Miles Brock's coming out as gay, Hazel-E is terrified a bad accident could jeopardize her career, and Fizz is frustrated Moniece Slaughter doesn't spend more time with their son.

Episode 8 kicked off with Amber calling Miles so they could talk some more about his telling her he's gay. As reported in last week's recap, Amber -- who previously dated Miles -- didn't handle the news well and was angry he didn't come clean about his sexuality sooner. Amber had been under the impression that the two would try to work things out.

In the new episode, Miles drops another bombshell on Amber, telling her he's been secretly dating Milan Christopher for a while. Amber gets upset again because she knows Milan, and neither one told her they were a couple. Amber threatens to call Milan and ask him about his relationship with Miles.

Meanwhile, Hazel-E is going through her own situation and is recuperating after getting into an ATV accident in Dubai. Hazel tells Nikki Mudarris, Milan and Teairra Mari that her accident was so bad, doctors weren't sure if they were going to be able to save her nose. Hazel has a bandage covering her nose and later on in the episode goes to see her plastic surgeon to have him remove the bandages.

As soon as she sees her nose in a mirror, Hazel starts crying, but the doctor quickly explains that there's still a lot of swelling and she has to give it some time before her nose looks normal again.

Also during the episode, Nia Riley and her boyfriend Soulja Boy sit down to talk about the issues in their relationship. The past few episodes of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" revealed that Soulja was cheating on Nia with a female rapper named Nas.

Soulja promises to do better, and Nia tells the camera during her confessional that she's going to stay and try to work things out with him.

While Nia and Soulja are discussing their problems, Fizz and Moniece are also going through a tough time. The pair has a 5-year-old child together named Kamron, but Fizz is upset that Moniece doesn't make time to see their son. Fizz says that it's been three weeks since Moniece saw Kamron, and he goes to lunch with her mom, Marla, to see if she can help.

Marla tells the singer he should try to get sole custody of Kamron and take Moniece to court for child support. Fizz doesn't like that idea and decides to go to see Moniece while she's working with her vocal coach.

Moniece tells Fizz she doesn't like that he and her mom are meeting with each other behind her back, but breaks down crying when Fizz tells her that he wants to be there to support her.

Viewers also see a brief appearance from Rich Dollaz, who has lunch with Marla to patch things up between them. As reported earlier, Moniece confirmed on social media she and Rich are no longer dating.