Hacker group LulzSec is relentlessly continuing its attack: the public website of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) i.e. www.cia.gov was hacked by the group and taken down temporarily on Wednesday even as the U.S. Senate said it had foiled a renewed hacking bid by the same group.

After claiming responsibility for the attack on U.S. Senate, PBS' servers and Fox.com and Sony earlier this year, the loosely organized group LulzSec continued their crazy attack on CIA. Recently they even opened a hotline for their fans asking them the name of websites they want to be put down. Now CIA seems to be in that target list.

Tango down - cia.gov - for the lulz, the group wrote on twitter at 5:48 East Coast time. Immediately the CIA website could not be accessed by users.

“We are looking into these reports,” Jennifer Youngblood, a CIA spokesperson said.

Some Internet experts suggest that it is difficult to say whether a website is down because it was hacked or whether it it crashed because too many people tried to enter the website after they saw LulzSec's tweet.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate also acknowledged that LulzSec tried to break into its website for the second time this week. Deputy Senate Sergeant at Arms Martina Bradford said the hackers managed to get their hands on some information from the public site but failed to access sensitive data as they were blocked by a firewall. The hack group tried to breach the Senate's earlier during the weekend too.

However, the threat continues. Who will be LulzSec's next target? What does LulzSec want? Is the group a threat to governments and companies of the world? Leave your comments below.