The new MacBook Pro will come with a 15-inch Retina Display, a super-fast USB 3.0 port and an ultra-thin design, according to a recent report from Apple's supply chain, obtained by 9to5Mac. 

The revamped version of the MacBook Pro, which was initially rumored to look like the MacBook Air, will in fact look more like a thinner version of the current MacBook Pro model with no tapering like the Air, according to the report from the supply chain.

There will, however, be some design similarities between the two including, a power button on the keyboard and loosing the optical drive within the body of the computer, the report states. 

According to 9to5Mac, the current prototypes of the unibody casings have a charging port, USB ports, two audio in/out-sized ports, two Thunderbolt-sized ports, and an SD card slot.

Retina Display 

Since the launch of the new iPad, which came with a revolutionary 2048 x 1536, 3.1 million-pixel Retina Display, Apple fans are eager for MacBook laptops and iMac desktops to include the feature. The MacBook Pro and the iMac are the most likely candidates for the Retina Display as some of its features could compromise the ultra-thin and light qualities of the MacBook Air. A laptop with a Retina Display would also require a bigger battery to cope with the display, which would result in a thicker case, larger than that of the MacBook Air.

The new MacBook Pro is also expected to run on Intel's Ivy Bridge processor, which has been built for Retina Display computers, according to Intel's Vice President.

Release Date

Current release rate rumors are set for June. Several authorized resellers are reporting that the 15-inch MacBook Pro is out of stock, which has spurred rumors that the release of the new MacBook Pro is fast approaching. 

Apple TV went through a similar stock shortage at second party retailers in March, and it was not long after the reports of inventory constraints that Apple launched the new revamped version of Apple TV, alongside the new iPad.