Apple should step up its game when it comes to producing more striking products that can get significant traction in the market to remedy its sliding sales these past two quarters. And it appears that the Cupertino giant is looking at its MacBook Pro laptop line to do this.

Earlier today, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman published a story that reveals many interesting bits about the MacBook Pro 2016 that’s being developed since early this year. Citing people who provided information about the laptop on condition of anonymity, the tech journalist wrote that the upcoming device is going to be a major overhaul compared to its predecessors.

Perhaps the most interesting detail Gurman relayed is the presence of graphics processors that are more powerful and efficient in rendering video games. The graphics chip is tipped to be AMD’s Polaris, since it is very powerful yet thin enough to be encased by the laptop’s thinner body.

Speaking of the device's body, Gurman’s sources revealed that the MacBook Pro 2016 will have a smaller footprint than its predecessors and a thinner body that is still not tapered like the 12-inch MacBook and the MacBook Air. Interestingly, the bezels surrounding the display will be slimmer, while the Force Touch trackpad is going to be wider.

Other details Gurman’s sources leaked pretty much coincide with what previous rumors and reports claimed. For example, the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner in the power button has long been teased by other sources. Such integrated sensor will give the power button Touch ID functionality, so users can have a more secure experience than before, according to TechCrunch.

Another previously leaked feature is the addition of an OLED mini screen on the laptop’s keyboard, replacing the topmost function keys to bring a different  kind of user experience when navigating different apps. The OLED panel is said to be contextual, so it is going to  display controls and options based on the running app on the screen.

Though these leaked details may be suggesting that Apple is already done conceptualizing the device and is already in the process of manufacturing it, consumers are advised to wait a little longer because the MacBook Pro 2016 is not debuting during the launch of the new iPhone 7 smartphones. Instead, the new powerhouse is expected to launch in October, as per Apple Insider. It is not clear though if the laptop will be available for shipping in the same month or in November.