MacWorld-iWorld Expo 2012: Top 10 Must-Have Gadgets, Software and Apps [PHOTOS]

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  • im-play wireless audio/video transmitter is a wireless audio/video transmitter for iDevices, which doesn't need any WiFi to connect as it works on 2.4RF. Simply plug the transmitter into your iDevice and the receiver-cum-iDevice charging dock into your TV and voila - the content is all set to stream and share. Besides streaming music and videos, the gadget also works with a large number of Apple as well as third party apps and games. The best thing about is that it is compact and portable and the transmitter's rechargeable battery can las over 3 hours of continuous usage without putting the slightest stress on the battery of your iDevice. will hit tye market in February and will retail for $99. IBTimes
  • ESET Cybersecurity for Mac
    There was a time when Mac users thought their computers were off-limits to viruses. However, unfortunately, that is not true anymore. These days a Mac can get infected by malwares (trojan, worms, viruses, rootkits, spyware, etc) just as easily as a PC can get infected. Some of the well-known malwares that caused havoc in recent years were the MacDefender fake antivirus program (also known as Mac Protector, Mac Security, Mac Guard and Mac Shield), the Tsunami backdoor trojan (also known as Kaitlen, the trojan allows cybercriminals to remotely control the Mac, including downloading its files), DevilRobber (it engages the computer in fraudulent "Bitcoin mining" and remotely controls the infected Mac), Flashback (a fake Flash Player, which once downloaded and installed, sends the user's personal information covertly to the cybercriminals) , Revir (gives remote access to cybercriminals) and Boonana (when downloaded, it steals personal information of user and spams the user's email contacts, etc). Pretty creepy, huh? However, help is at hand. ESET, a leading developer of antivirus programs and online security solutions for Mac users, is showcasing ESET Cybersecurity for Mac at the MacWorld-iWorld iFan Event 2012. The software has an intuitive interface, does not hog much memory or slows down the computer and, most importantly, it does not come with any annoying pop-ups. Like a stealth assassin, the software works sliently in the background, making certain the Mac is running sound and secure 24x7. In other words, it does not compromise on both security as well as productivity. ESET Cybersecurity for Mac begins at $39.99. IBTimes
  • iPro Lens System
    No doubt, the camera of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are quite good but wouldn't you say yes, if someone offer you the opportunity to enhance it so that the iPhone camera can rival any high-end point-and-shoot digital camera? The iPro lens System is an ingenious device that is comprise of several components, all designed to work together and turn your iPhone into a prosumer DSLR camera. iPro Lens comes with a rugged iPhone case, which has been specially engineered to fit the handle and the lenses. The handle not only enables the user to attach the iPhone to any tripod, but also acts as a lens case. iPro Lens comes with two types of lenses - fisheye lens and wide angle lens. The kit retails for $199 and has been in the market for almost 3 months. The company will also be releasing telephoto lens very soon with 2x power. IBTimes
  • iFlashDrive, HyperDrive, HyperJuice and CloudFTP
    The biggest draw at MacWorld-iWorld has been Sanho Corp.'s portable storage and external battery solutions. iFlashDrive is the world's only USB Flash Drive for iDevices. It can not only transfer data between the iDevices and Mac/PC but also it can play music and videos that are stored on the flash drive via iFlashDrive app. iFlashDrive is priced at $99.95 (8GB0, $149.95 (16GB) and $199.95 (32GB). HyperDrive is the world's only iPad-compatible USB Hard Drive. It offers storage space of up to 1TB and is the only USB hard drive that can connect to the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. The device, which starts at $99, allows the user to transfer the content between PC/Mac and iPad, as well as manage the content directly from the iPad screen. HyperJuice external battery packs for iDevices are the most colorful powerr packs showcased at MacWorld-iWorld. HyperJuice external batteries are packaged in attractive, colorful aluminum casing. The military grade lithium-ion cells are long-lasting (rechargeable up to 1,000 times) and come with built-ion short circuit, overcharging and temperature protections. HyperJuice Nano ($69.95), which has 1800mAh capacity, can be used to recharge non-iOS phones while HyperJuice Micro ($99.95) and HyperJuice Mini ($119.95) come in 3,600 mAh and 7,200 mAh capacities respectively and can be used to recharge iPhone and iPad. Finally, there's the CloudFTP, a pocket-sized adapter that can convert any USB storage device into a wireless file server and allow the user to share/transfer files with/between any WiFi-enabled device. The device is extremely user-friendly - simply connect CloudFTP to any USB storage device and create a wireless network to share the data in the USB storage with any WiFi-enabled device. Or, CloudFTP can also be connected to an existing network to backup/sync to online cloud storage such as iCloud, DropBox or can also automatically connect to the Internet. CloudFTP will be available from February with a $99.95 price tag. IBTimes
  • Lark Silent Alarm Clock
    Lark is a silent alarm clock that wakes you up through gentle vibrations, without waking your partner. As a result, you wake up more refreshed and less groggy. The device is completely wireless, which means that it can also work as a sleep monitor and personal sleep coach via the Lark app. The wireless device, which can be strapped around your wrist like a watch, monitors how you sleep and wirelessly sends the data to the app on the iDevice. The data is then analyzed and suggestions are made how you can sleep better and wake up more refreshed. The app is designed not only to track your sleeping habits but also monitor what affects your sleep modes, what kind of a sleeper you are and how you can sleep better. The best thing about the device is that the wireless strap itself stores all the data and so, even if accidentally the iDevice shuts down, you can be certain that the Lark will wake you up, day after day, gently. Pretty cool, huh? The device, which has launched late last June and comes with a charging dock (you can charge both the iDevice as well as the Lark Silent Alarm Clock wristband at the same time), retails for $99. And, for extra $60, you get Lark Pro, which comes with push notifications, reminders, etc. IBTimes
  • Monster Wars
    Monster Wars is the follow-up to one of the most popular RTS-RPG hybrid games called Legendary Wars (since its launch last year, LW has been downloaded over 1.7 million times). Monster Wars has the same storyline as Legendary Wars, but is told from a different perspective - you get to lead the evil, wicked people and monsters this time. Monster Wars has double the playable characters (double the fun) and new gameplay modes (e.g., the hack and slash mode). So what's new in Monster Wars? Many things, actually. To begin with, unlike in Legendary Wars, in Monster Wars, you get to select the monsters you have unlocked in previous levels. Secondly, the loading screen has been sped up compared to Legendary Wars. Moreover, in Monster Wars, you get to access the armory of the monsters, which is located in the netherworld. Furthermore, as you can see from the accompanying images, Liv Games has gone OD on the art. Monster Wars is set for release by Jan-end and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store for $99. IBTimes
  • Mikey Digital and Tiki Microphones
    Mikey Digital and Tiki are two of the coolest (and smartest!) microphones that were being showcased by Blue Microphones, Inc. Mikey Digital is a versatile audio recorder that is compatible with any iDevice. It features two custom-tuned Blue condenser capsules for stereo recording, an input jack, USB pass through, a stylish updated 230-degree rotating design, and a 3 gain setting that allows the user to record anything, ranging from music and videos to interviews, lectures and live concerts. The recorder works with any popular recording app. Tiki is the world's first USB microphone that minimizes background noise (using noise cancellation technology) and intelligently focuses on desired sounds (using voice isolation technology) with exceptional audio clarity. Both Mikey Digital as well as Tiki will be released in the market sometime later this Spring and will retail for $99 and $59 respectively. IBTimes
  • DryCASE waterproof cases
    DryCASE waterproof vacuum cases for iDevices, tablets, smartphones and other gadgets are drawing huge crowds at the MacWorld-iWorld event. The cases can keep water out up to 100 feet and can be used to protect the device during outdoor activities such as kayaking, canoeing, jet skiing, swimming, and can even be used for taking photos underwater. The smartphone case, which retails for $40, comes with a built-in headphone jack, a hand pump, an arm band, and a lanyard. The iPad case retails for $60. The company also sells waterproof headphones and sport belt. IBTimes
  • iBallz
    iBallz is an ingenious harness for tablets, which protects the device from accidental drops and spills. The harness comes with four foam-rubber balls that ensures that the tablet (no matter what size) fits snugly within. iBallz can also be used to hang the tablet like a picture frame, or by simply removing one ball, the harness can be reoriented into the perfect tilted typing position (the balls also double up as comfortable palm rest as you type). And, as the balls are kind of grippy, iBallz can be leaned against any object without the fear of the device slipping. iBallz comes in two sizes and is retailing for $20. IBTimes
  • Nomad Brush
    Nomad Brush is a paintbrush stylus that brings out the artist in you. To the untrained eye, Nomad Brush styluses look like any typical watercolor paintbrushes, but look a little closer and you'll see that they have been designed to work only on capacitive screens and not paint. The beautifully constructed brushes, which come in various shapes and sizes, are not only durable but also gives the user a slightly more delicate and natural feel than the other styluses. Unlike other styluses, there's also zero risk of scratching the iPad screen with a Nomad Brush and as it removes the friction between the user's fingers and the display, but without compromising on accuracy, it is a must-have stylus for all budding digital artists. Nomad Brush styluses starts at $18. IBTimes
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The MacWorld-iWorld Expo, which kicked off on Jan. 26 at Moscone Center in San Francisco, has drawn a huge crowd as the trade show is the largest Apple-focused extravaganza in the world.

Hundreds of hardware manufacturers and software developers are participating in this event to showcase the latest and best products, apps and accessories for iPad, iPhone, iPod and Mac under one roof.

Tech & Trend has carefully picked the top 10 gadgets, apps and software we think any self-respecting iFan should get.

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