While AMC has not released the official date for season five of Mad Men, star Jon Hamm leaked the premiere date, slated for March 25.

Hamm, who plays advertising mogul Don Draper in the 1960's drama, appeared on a podcast Doug Loves Movies, hosted by comedian Doug Benson on Friday where he said the first episode of season five will air on AMC on March 25. AMC has not yet confirmed an official return date but rumors have circulated since last year that the series will return to the small screen in March 2012.

All the main cast members are reportedly returning to act in the new season, as shooting for the season began in Los Angeles, Calif. last July with the first episode directed by Hamm himself.

Season four concluded on Oct. 17, 2010 with (SPOILER ALERT) with Draper proposing marriage to his secretary Megan Calvet. For the past two years , contract negotiations between the creator Matt Weiner and AMC and Lionsgate, halted the show from airing until a deal was reached.

 It was public, and there was no reason for that. But ... the most important things for me are that after it's over, I get to go back to work and that we get to do three more years of the show, Weiner said.

The shuffle resulted in a two-season extension with a seventh and final season to be done by Weiner.

There are not many details about the storyline for the new season, but Christina Hendricks, who plays Joan Harris, said the upcoming season is worth the wait.

Back in November, Weiner dropped a few hints about the upcoming season, and even hinted at a possible end.

I do know how the whole show ends, Weiner said. It came to me in the middle of last season. I always felt like it would be the experience of human life. And human life has a destination. It doesn't mean Don's gonna die. What I'm looking for, and how I hope to end the show, is like ... It's 2011. Don Draper would be 84 right now. I want to leave the show in a place where you have an idea of what it meant and how it's related to you. It's a very tall order, but I always talk about Abbey Road. What's the song at the end of Abbey Road? It's called 'The End.' There is a culmination of an experience of people working at their highest level. And all I want to do is not wear out the welcome. I was 35 when I wrote the 'Mad Men' pilot, 42 when I got to make it, and I'll be 50 when it goes off the air. So that's what you're gonna get. Do I know everything that's gonna happen? No, I don't. But I just want it to be entertaining, and I want people to remember it fondly and not think it ended in a fart.

Mad Men, which has receive a positive response from critics, has won four Emmys for each of its first four seasons.