Madonna used her assets for a good cause during her MDNA concert at Madison Square Garden this week.

The pop icon bared her butt in front of concert-goers to help raise money for victims of Hurricane Sandy.

"[I'm] showing [my] naked [expletive] for Hurricane Sandy victims. If you are going to look at the crack of my [expletive], you better raise some cash,” Madonna said while on stage, according to Perez Hilton.

Fans then threw money onto the stage, and Madonna said it would go straight toward relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy. She raised a total of $60,000 according to various reports.

Madonna also spoke about how she visited hardhit areas in Queens.

"It was really sad but we also saw amazing acts of humanity. People sharing with other people, people working hard, cleaning houses, handing out food, blankets giving love and a hug," she told the crowd, according to

Madonna also surprised her audience earlier this week at Madison Square Garden when she brought out special guest Psy, and danced with him for a mashup version of his hit song, “Gangnam Style,” mashing it with her hit "Give it To Me."

The Korean sensation's "Gangnam Style" music video went viral after being posted on YouTube in July, with more than 130 million views from 220 countries around the world in less than two months, according to the Korean Herald.

In the U.S., the single has broken into ITune's Chart Top 20, and Psy most recently performed the dance on MTV's VMA Awards and at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Madonna is one of many celebrities who have shown support for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Celebrities who have donated to the relief effort include Lady Gaga, who gave $1 million, and  NBA star Dwayne Wade, who contributed $200,000.