A New York City woman has been charged with stalking beautiful French actress Marion Cotillard.

Teresa Yuan of Queens posted a threatening video to Cotillard's fan site on July 23, The Daily News reports.

"The guilt and sorrow I feel now, I won't feel after it happens," the crazed stalker warned in the video.

"After it happens I'll feel no regrets whatsoever ... that's apparently how it feels to be a killer, to be a murderer."

The 35-year old actress has recently gained more recognition in the United States after appearing in "Inception" and "Midnight in Paris."

Cotillard and her family contacted law enforcement after discovering the threatening video.

FBI Agent Bradford Price wrote that Cotillard and her family had "become concerned for their physical safety" in a complaint filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

In a second video, the accused stalker growles into her iPhone camera after making another threatening statement: "I can be very calm and respectful and kind, but then you push me too far or back me in a corner and this is how I feel."

Yuan was arrested on Thursday, charged with interstate stalking, and later released on $50,000 bail. She is prohibited from contacting or going near the actress.

Cotillard will next appear in the highly anticipated Batman movie "The Dark Knight Rises."


[Source: New York Daily News]