New challenges never stop for the “Married at First Sight” Season 2 couples. They just survived the holidays, and now they all have to move in with each other. In episode 6, all of the couples searched for new places and moved in. While some had a smooth transition, others had difficulty adjusting. The experts reminded audiences this is one part of the experiment that could make or break them.

“The cohabitation is in some ways the real beginning of the marriage for our couples. You are working as a team. You are learning how to be a team and that is critical in a marriage,” sociologist Pepper Schwartz said. “And if they don’t learn it, they’re not going to have a marriage.”

Davina and Sean

Sean Varricchio moved into Davina Kullar’s apartment in Manhattan while they were waiting for their new place in the city to be ready. Davina sold her apartment before the experiment, and she had to be moved out in seven days. She got a new place, but it was being renovated. That meant they had to stay in a temporary apartment for a month.

As homeowners, they had to pay for both his house until it was sold and their new place. That led to their first discussion about finances. Sean admitted his wife made more money than him, and he was okay with that. Davina said that had intimidated other men in her life. It seemed like the money wasn’t the problem, so much as the geographic location.

The couple found a temporary apartment, and Sean was overwhelmed. He admitted he was more withdrawn when he was feeling this way, but Davina worried this was more than his fear of moving to the city. She felt as if he wasn’t showing her any affection and might not want to be there. Once she revealed her fears, Sean thanked her for her patience and honesty. However, he needed time to adjust and they couldn’t rush that. Sean said he would put more of an effort to be affectionate.

The trauma nurse still had his job in New Jersey, and he told Davina he would spend the night at his house. Davina wasn’t thrilled he was going to spend what was supposed to be their first night in the apartment at his old house. She said she believed if he really wanted to be in New York, he would.

Jaclyn and Ryan R.

Ryan Ranellone went to Jaclyn Methuen’s house for the night for the first time. He admitted he felt like he was leaving responsibilities behind because he felt a duty to be there for his mother and his niece. However, he and Jaclyn were looking for a new place that was somewhere between Staten Island and New Jersey.

Ryan’s drive to New Jersey took him 3 1/2 hours, but he realized as he got closer to Jaclyn’s house, he got happier. He really wanted to see her, and Jaclyn was just as excited to see him. Ryan liked Jaclyn’s house, but he still couldn’t live with his job in Long Island.

The two finally found a place in Queens, which allowed them both to have a one-hour commute. It seemed they found the perfect place, but Ryan was sad about moving. It was difficult for him to leave his mother and his teenage niece Kayla, who admitted she was upset he was moving out.

Once they were in the house, Ryan and Jaclyn seemed very happy. “I think we’re at the point where, that cat and mouse game has now -- the gaps have closed where I pull away a little bit and she comes,” Ryan said. “That makes me very happy.”

Jaclyn even revealed she missed him when he was gone. Ryan suggested it was finally time to consummate their marriage. Jaclyn agreed and they headed upstairs, but viewers won’t know if they actually had sex until next week.

Jessica and Ryan D.

Jessica Castro wasn’t happy in Ryan De Nino’s apartment in Staten Island. It wasn’t near public transportation and she doesn’t drive, so they had to look elsewhere. Ryan saw Jessica’s apartment for the first time and wanted to move in with her. She revealed she didn’t want to stay there because she got the apartment with her ex-boyfriend.

They started apartment hunting, but they needed to discuss price tags first. As they discussed their spending, Ryan revealed he was more of a spender while Jessica was a saver. When Jessica suggested splitting the bills down the middle, Ryan said he wanted to take on more. He wanted to be the provider for his wife.

When they saw an expensive apartment, Jessica immediately wanted to leave and opt to save money to buy something later in life. Ryan, however, was willing to pay the price. Jessica insisted they keep looking, and they eventually found their perfect place at an agreeable price.

The newlyweds had more disagreements once they started to unpack. Ryan took most of the closet space in their new digs, and Jessica wasn’t happy about that. However, she didn’t tell him that and just agreed to take the dresser. She didn’t feel like arguing, so he had no idea that something was wrong.

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