“Married at First Sight” Season 3 featured all three weddings in episode 2, but they didn’t all go smoothly. Not only were all of the couples strangers, but some of them were missing the chemistry that they were hoping to immediately feel. Viewers watched as a bride once again wasn’t attracted to her husband (which happened with Jamie Otis and Jaclyn Methuen in previous seasons).

David and Ashley

Ashley Doherty gets very nervous before the ceremony, and she is even hyperventilating as she stands at the altar. David Norton is thrilled that she is attractive, but Ashley doesn’t really feel the same. “Unfortunately, he is not the typical look that I normally date,” she tells the cameras.

David kisses Ashley on the cheek when the officiate tells them that they’re married. Ashley tells the cameras that it was still a little uncomfortable. The awkwardness continues after the wedding when the couple has a moment alone. David talks to her about being nervous and about being committed to their new relationship, but she isn’t very responsive. She is quiet and shy.

Even during wedding photos, Ashley refuses to kiss her husband on the cheek. He is a stranger, and she isn’t comfortable. After their first dance, Ashley disappears into the bathroom with her friend for a long time. She reveals that she doesn’t like her new husband.

When everyone hits their glasses for them to kiss during the reception, David kisses her on the hand. The move makes Ashley see beyond David’s looks. “He’s just been super considerate and such a gentleman,” Ashley says.

She asks about David’s deceased father and tells her new husband that his dad is here in spirit. It seems like the first time Ashley has said more than a few words to him, and it makes David feel like she was the right choice for him.

David’s friends don’t believe him when he says he doesn’t want to have sex on the first night. He promises that he just wants to get to know her, which is good, because that’s all Ashley has in mind.

MAFS Vanessa Vanessa Nelson gazes at her ring after her wedding in “Married at First Sight” Season 3, episode 2. Photo: FYI

Tres and Vanessa

During the premiere cliffhanger, Tres Russell walked away from Vanessa Nelson at the beginning of the ceremony. It looks like he might be a runaway groom, but it seems he is just a romantic. Tres walks off stage to grab a corsage and goes back to his bride, gets down on one knee and proposes to her. Everyone thinks it's adorable, and the two share a sweet kiss after saying “I do.”

After jumping the broom (an African American tradition), the couple has a moment by themselves and expresses how attracted they are to each other. They assure each other they are committed to this relationship. “I just wanted his name to be Mr. Perfect, and so far, he seems like he might live up to it,” Vanessa tells the cameras.

Vanessa and Tres’ families get along really well. After the ceremony, Vanessa says she won’t consummate their marriage yet. However, the affection between the two makes their family and friends think otherwise.

MAFS Sam Sam Role cracked several jokes at her wedding in “Married at First Sight” Season 3, episode 2. Photo: FYI

Neil and Sam

Neil Bowlus is nervous, but his grandparents’ arranged marriage gives him some confidence. He meets Sam Role’s family when he goes to the altar, and they all immediately like him. “If Sam doesn’t want him, can we call dibs?” one of her bridesmaids asks.

Meanwhile, Sam seems to be panicking before walking out. She finally walks out and dances down the aisle with her father. She and Neil jokingly ask each other what they’re doing here, and it’s clear that they both have a sense of humor. At the end of the ceremony, they share a kiss on the cheek.

After breaking a glass (typically a Jewish tradition), they get a moment alone to talk. The two seem to immediately hit it off and enjoy each other’s personalities. However, Sam admits to the cameras that it’s awkward, and Neil isn’t the type of man she usually dates.

Sam makes a lot of jokes throughout the night, and her father tells the cameras that she usually deals with frustration through humor. She finally gets emotional when she makes a speech and mentions her grandmother, who recently died. Neil stands up to comfort her, and it makes Sam see that he is a good person.

Sam gets uncomfortable again when Neil introduces her to his ex-girlfriend, Diana. The two have remained close, but Sam wonders if this is a bad sign. She and her maid of honor step away to talk for a moment as it finally sinks in that Sam just married someone she doesn't know. “I married a complete stranger. I made the biggest mistake of my life,” Sam tells the cameras.

After the reception, Sam says she wants to go to sleep. Neil doesn’t seem to be expecting anything more and says he won’t even sleep in bed with her if she is uncomfortable with it.

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