Moving in together is tough for couples, even when they know each other well. For the “Married at First Sight” couples, it’s a little weirder. The newlyweds had to figure out their finances and move into new homes in Season 3, episode 5. However, living together made some spouses question if they really knew their significant other at all yet.

Vanessa and Tres

Tres Russell and Vanessa Nelson are both unhappy with the neighborhood where the other lives. Vanessa likes the city and Tres likes being in the suburbs near his job. Tres lives with a roommate, so they agree to move into Vanessa’s place for now. However, he wants to find somewhere closer to work.

The two discuss finances before looking at new homes. Tres is relieved that he makes more than his wife, but he still needs to learn a few lessons from her. Vanessa is a big saver; Tres isn’t so good at that.

The two go house hunting and have trouble agreeing on location. Vanessa tells the cameras she doesn’t want to live in the suburban area Tres prefers, but she decides to compromise since he is the breadwinner.

Vanessa and Tres continue to be very happy. She cooks his favorite foods for their first night in their new home, and he carries her off to bed.

Ashley and David

As their honeymoon ends, Ashley Doherty says she still thinks it’s important that they do their own individual activities. David Norton wants to make sure they think of things to do together, but Ashley isn’t worried. She thinks they’ll naturally end up spending time together. David thinks work needs to be put into it.

Their first night at home is spent apart. The alone time makes David worry that Ashley doesn’t like him. It looks like he is starting to get a bit frustrated with his wife’s distance. When they sit down to talk about their living situation, David says he worries that keeping their old places after they move in together will just be a crutch. Ashley doesn’t understand why he is stressing about hypothetical problems.

They discuss their finances, and David says he wants to provide for his wife. Ashley is a nursing student, so she agrees to let him pay the majority of their living expenses. The plan makes sense, but it seems to overwhelm her. Once she sees the beautiful house that David wants to rent (which is much prettier than the bachelor pad he was living in), she starts to seem much happier.

As soon as Ashley moves in, she somehow breaks the toilet handle. She sits David down to tell him, and he worries over what she needs to talk about. He can’t help but be relieved when he discovers it's just a broken toilet.

David’s mom comes over later, and Ashley is happy that her mother-in-law is so friendly. David appreciates how much effort Ashley puts into his mother’s birthday celebration and the two seem to get along really well.

Sam and Neil

Sam Role and Neil Bowlus aren’t exactly in love yet, but Sam says they’re in a much closer place now than they were in the beginning of the relationship. They went to their separate homes for their first night post-honeymoon, but unlike David, they both seem happy with the decision.

The next day, Neil visits Sam’s home and he discovers her wax melt collection. She burns different scented waxes for different feelings, and she has a whole cabinet of them. She seems embarrassed about it, but Neil is perfectly accepting.

Sam sees Neil’s house and notices how it's different from hers. She can tell he is more of a spender, and she says moving in together will be challenging no matter what.

They discuss their finances, and Sam takes the lead. However, she seems to still want Neil to be the provider. When he suggests splitting the rent 50-50, she asks him to take on 60 percent instead. He agrees, and they quickly find a new house.

While packing, Sam starts to question what she knows about Neil. She wonders if he is different when cameras aren’t around. She isn’t sure he is being authentic and thinks he might be putting on an act; she says she’ll find out after they move in together.

Their move-in goes smoothly, but Sam is still concerned about what Neil's behavior will be after the cameras leave that night. However, she doesn't find out yet. She falls asleep while they're unpacking.

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