Mars Needs Moms may have been a big budget Disney movie, but it was also the biggest flop of 2011, according to the Hollywood Reporter. 

The animated film cost a whopping $150 million to produce but it didn't even make it into the box office and only earned $39 million worldwide.

Stll, at least once critic had praise for the movie. Sean O'Connelle of The Washington Post called the film inventive and vigorous  and gave it three out of four stars -- but this did little to attract big audiences.

The animated Martian movie and is carried by a pint-sized hero Milo. According to O'Connell, the animation worked pretty well, but could have done with a bit of polish.

The digital technique, which uses microscopic cameras and strategically placed sensors to digitally capture an actor's performance, has come a long way since 2004's 'The Polar Express,' O'Connell wrote in his review. It still can't replicate the photo-realism achieved by contemporary animated films such as 'Rango' or Pixar's assorted masterpieces. But that doesn't take away from how much 'Mars' touches our hearts.

The second biggest flop of 2011 was Sucker Punch, the Warner Bros production that cost $82 million to make and only made $89 million worldwide.

In third place was Arthur, starring Russell Brand and Helen Mirren. The film cost $42 million to make, but earned a gross of $45.7 million worldwide.   

And the remaining high profile film flops of 2011 are:

4) Green Lantern

5) Cowboys and Aliens

6) Glee: The 3D Concert Movie

7) Conan the Barbarian

8) I Don't Know How She Does It

9) The Thing

10) The Big Year

11) The Rum Diary

12) Anonymous

13) Tower Heist

14) Happy Feet Two

15) New Year's Eve