Fans have expressed outrage over the disappointing ending of Mass Effect 3, which was hyped up to be an epic conclusion to a five-year long sci-fi gaming franchise. Players have come together to voice their opinions to developers BioWare, but it looks like they may also be taking action into their own hands.

Gamer fan site clued players in on how to obtain the best possible conclusion to the final Mass Effect chapter. The website's staff clarified that they are still attempting to learn more about the 'Perfect' Ending in ME3, but here's a look at what they've come up with so far.

Broken down into different categories titled Paragon Ending, Renegade Ending, and Neutral Ending, the guide helps gamers achieve their ideal ending.

The tip list encourages players to improve their Readiness Rating through online co-op, and explains that the Total Military Strength feature is just the total number of War Assets the player has acquired. These are collected by making decisions throughout the game.

However, GameFront also points out that there are enough side-missions, collectibles, and extras to produce a high rating without have to play online.

But the interactive space adventure's conclusion isn't the only thing gamers had to complain about. There were also issues involving the game's downloadable content (DLC), with a hacker recently revealing that BioWare might have eliminated DLC portions of ME3 for financial gain.

 A new rumor has recently surfaced saying that the developer's next DLC release will focus on the multiplayer portion of the game, reported A leaked image shows that new character classes may be added, but BioWare also promised that DLC will be added for single player mode as well.

We're going to be shipping with a pretty impressive array of different things you can unlock...but we're also planning on expanding that over time, the company said according to

Fans used Twitter to rant about their dissatisfaction in the ending and the downloadable content.

I won't be buying any dlc don't buy it if you are thinking about it you will be disappointed, wrote one player after finishing the game.

Just completed Mass Effect 3. Have to say, I never have been so disappointed with the ending of a game than I have with Mass Effect 3, posted another.

If you haven't played through the game and are dying to know what fans are complaining about, check out the clips below.