‘Mass Effect 3’ Ending: DLC Coming This Summer, Did BioWare Listen To 'Retake' Movement?
BioWare has just announced a summer launch for "Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut," the awaited DLC that fans hoped would address the seemingly disappointing ending. The new content is said to contain additional cinematic sequences and epilogue scenes, according to a press release from BioWare. Wikipedia

The Mass Effect series has a reputation for intense and engaging plot lines, distinguishing it from other space-themed shooters. And for any intriguing story, the ending can be a deciding factor when it comes to its success. This is why fans of the franchise are in an uproar over the lackluster conclusion of Mass Effect 3.

Players took their outrage one step further, staging a protest against developer BioWare. Only a week old, disgruntled users have already created a Facebook page encouraging Mass Effect fans to unite against the company.

BioWare is a business, if we make them understand that by using the current endings they alienate (no pun intended) their customers and destroy the replay ability of the trilogy, the creator of the group wrote. They are hurting their profits we CAN bring about a change for the better.

The page titled Retake Mass Effect 3 currently has more than 14,000 Likes. A Twitter group has also been created for the same cause. Labeled as New Ending for ME3, the page description reads:

Hi please join us in a unified group to send the message to Bioware that fans of ME3 are seriously disappointed in the horrific ending of ME3.

The protest's Twitter presence currently has 1,834 followers.

There has also been controversy surrounding the downloadable content (DLC) available on the new game. According to Forbes, BioWare and EA responded to unsatisfied players, promising that the game's development team carefully crafted the game.

ME3 was a labour of love for the [development] team, Associate Producer Michael Gamble wrote, reported Forbes. To finish a game like ME3, it literally takes months of intense bug fixing and certification.

Gamble went on to write that due to the game's complex history of characters, it isn't possible for players to insert a new character through DLC.

As we've mentioned before, that character has to be planned and the framework has to be established ahead of time for us to build off of with the DLC module.

Part of the reason fans are so outraged could be that the developers took a different approach. Although this is thought to be the epic conclusion of a space-age saga, Ryan Vogt of The Washington Examiner describes it differently.

The final chapter of this acclaimed trilogy is just too good to be played only by people who played the first two, he wrote when reviewing the game, arguably labeling it as a possible best of 2012. And it's been designed with newcomers in mind.

And players weren't quiet about voicing their opinions, offering alternatives to how the story should have ended. One fan on a Gamespot forum wrote:

This way you would feel like what you did in the game mattered and actually impacted the ending rather than the ending being decided by one choice.

To see one way the game ends, check out the clip below.