Mass Effect 3 is set to hit stores next week on March 6th, and developer BioWare just released a trailer for the third installment of the action-adventure space shooter franchise.

The teaser clip features a compilation of cut scenes and gameplay sequences from the game, blended together to entice viewers with the larger-than-life storyline of Mass Effect 3. In this third sequence, protagonist Commander Shepherd and his crew prepare for the final fight against the Reapers, an evil alien race attempting to wipe out all organic life in its galaxy.

Each of you needs to be willing to die, the commander says to his team in the video. Anything less than that and you're already dead.

The third segment of the series picks up where the last one left off and follows Shepherd's quest to save the galaxy. The Reapers are set to arrive on Earth for the first time, and the commander must combine forces with the entire galaxy to stop the murderous space creatures.

Players and fans of the game could barely contain their excitement, using Twitter as an outlet for their anticipation.


Can it be Tuesday already? I need it to be Tuesday. Mass Effect 3 launch trailer is here and awesome... wrote another.

Other users preferred to wait until the game is released to delve into the galactic battle scene.

I don't even want to watch the Mass Effect 3 trailer. I'm already worried about losing a month of productivity because of that game, one user wrote.

Fans got a taste of what's to come when the playable demo was released on Valentine's Day.

The anticipated video game also made headlines earlier this week when a British gaming retailer announced that they would not stock the third Mass Effect.

Jam packed with explosions, galactic battles, and cinematic plot structure, Mass Effect 3 is sure to be nothing short of epic.