BioWare just launched two new minor updates for “Mass Effect Andromeda” that is available on the PC platform via early access. The updates are found to not really bring major changes to the action RPG, but are effective against PC-related issues.

On Monday, BioWare reportedly released short updates clocking in at 200 MB and 500 MB for the PC version of its new game. The patches update “Mass Effect Andromeda” to version, and they were found to address the audio problem in multiplayer as well as the support issue for Corsair CUE, as first reported by GearNuke.

Previously, players voiced their concern with the CUE online. CUE stands for Corsair Utility Engine, and its is a program that alters the performance and RGB lighting on corsair products. Basically, it powers the lighting and effects for peripherals like keyboards, mice and headsets. Since BioWare has already addressed the problem, players are thanking the developr for the quick fix via Reddit.

According to GearNuke, the short updates also appear to improve the performance of the game in the single player mode, but this has yet to be confirmed. On the other hand, the positional audio issue in the multiplayer mode of has been confirmed to have been fixed by the new updates.

“Mass Effect Andromeda” is slated for official release on the PS4, Xbox One and PC this Tuesday, March 21. Ahead of its release, the embargo has been lifted so reviews on the game’s content and performance have already been made available online. So far though, many are disappointed with the new game.

For The Verge, the new “Mass Effect” game is a boring despite its focus on a brand-new story that is set in a separate part of the franchise’s universe. The technology news site also pointed out that apart from the good storytelling and role playing, the rest of the game just wasn’t that interesting.

Polygon pointed out that the latest installment in the series has problems. The gaming website stated that unlike the previous games, “Andromeda” does not succeed in establishing its own hook, resulting to certain moments in the game that do not deliver a lot of punch. It also noted that the inventory system in the game is a “disaster.”