Mass Effect: Andromeda character animations have flooded the internet days before the game’s release, and it looks like those “my face is tired” memes won’t be going away anytime soon. In a tweet, BioWare designer Ian Frazier denied any possibility of changes.

Specifically, Frazier was asked if anything could be done by March 21 to make characters look more natural when talking. In response he said “No. That ship has sailed.” However, he remained hopeful the situation could be adjusted in the future. “We’ll have more patches later on,” Frazier suggested, “but what exactly goes into them is still in discussion.”

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In fact, if you want to know what Mass Effect: Andromeda’s day-one update is like, those with early access on PC and Xbox One are already playing it. In a separate dialogue, Frazier also confirmed that the EA Access and launch day builds are identical. Love it or hate it, those videos and screenshots accurately portray some of the oddities explorers will encounter next week.

The tweets embedded below are just one example of how stilted the facial animations look in Mass Effect Andromeda. Gamers have compared the effects to robots, monkeys and a whole lot worse.

The game’s publisher announced in January that it’d be giving EA Access subscribers at 10-hour demo of the game starting Thursday, but it appears that freebie has backfired. As launch day inches closer, it’ll be interesting to see how this negative reaction figures into perceptions of the full game.

Mass Effect: Andromeda releases March 21 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.
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