Former WWE star Matt Hardy started his own suicide hoax after posting a bogus Goodbye video on YouTube Tuesday, which led police to his brother's North Carolina home.

Matt Hardy's prank video, which has been deleted from YouTube, had a note saying, Goodbye world with his date of death listed as Aug. 30, 2011. The note, posted as a link on Hardy's Twitter account, said, My time here is almost complete, I only have a few Hours & minutes ... I loved you all ... Regardless of how, according to the Fayetteville Observer.

The false suicide claim prompted 25 to 30 people to call the Moore County Sheriff and 911 dispatchers in Cameron, NC to alert of Hardy's apparent suicide threat, the Fayetteville Observer reported.

Police showed up at his brother's, Jeff Hardy's, home to investigate, less than an hour after the video was posted Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. Capt. Henry Marion, who assessed the situation, said Hardy appeared lucid and not suicidal.

I shook his hand and he told me everything is fine, Marion told the Fayetteville Observer.

Hardy told TMZ that the note was not in any way a suicide note. I want to reassure everyone that I am doing great right now.

Beth Hardy, Matt's sister-in-law, tweeted about the incident, angry that the former wrestler attempted to fake his own suicide as a publicity stunt.

When the cops show up to our house at 11 pm, for a suicide call the f--king joke is over @MATTHARDYBRAND. Stop trying to work the Internet, Beth Hardy tweeted.

I guess you got what you wanted @MATTHARDYBRAND. Everyone is talking about you, again. But it's not in a good way.

Matt Hardy, 36, was a former member of the Hardy Boyz wrestling team along with his brother Jeff in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). He was most recently working for Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) along with brother and other former WWE stars.

Hardy was arrested on Aug. 20, and subsequently fired from TNA, for driving while intoxicated after a car crash just ten days before posting the suicide hoax video.

I went from being the guy who wanted to change the world, entertain and inspire people to being someone who was more concerned about shock value, Hardy told TMZ.