The war on Internet piracy ramped up last month when Kim Dotcom, founder of online media download empire Megaupload, was arrested in New Zealand. Federal courts overturned the decision and released Dotcom on bail last week. But now, in what could be one of the biggest copyright infringement cases in history, he might be heading back.

According to PC World, Dotcom is set to appear in Auckland High Court on Tuesday morning where he will face U.S. representatives, who will appeal the ruling that sent him out of jail last week.

Born Kim Schmitz, the German computer programmer and businessman was granted bail by the North Shore District Court under  condition that he be required to wear an electronic ankle bracelet and is banned from using the Internet.  

The Megaupload owner was originally denied bail because he was thought to be too great of a flight risk, reported The Christian Post. In January authorities were forced to extricate Dotcom from a safe house in his Coatesville, Auckland, mansion where he had barricaded himself.

I am relieved to go home to see my family, my three little kids, and my pregnant wife, Dotcom said in a statement. And I hope you understand that that is all I want to say right now.

According to the AP, after the 38-year-old German was released on Wednesday, authorities seized his belongings, including two giant televisions, a statue of the monster from the movie Predator, and a Rolls-Royce.

The crown, acting on behalf of U.S. authorities, charged that Megaupload's damage to copyright holders had amounted to more than $620 million in lost revenue.

The file-sharing site's success is clear to its creator, who isn't shy about showing it. Dotcom has portrayed himself online as a playboy of sorts, surrounded by beautiful women and cars, according to the AP.

But the Web billionaire might not be as savvy as he seems.

He was trying to make half a buck on every occasion offered him, spokesman for the Chaos Computer Club, Dirk Engling, told the AP. Not having some real skills of his own, he was always using other people's inventions to attack systems and then claim he did it.

Authorities have referred to Megaupload as a worldwide crime organization, and said that the FBI will seek to extradite Dotcom to the U.S. to face copyright infringement charges. But according to the Christian Post, he didn't seem too nervous when it came to police treatment.

Well, it felt a little bit like an audition to 'American Idol,' he said.