Although the American Entertainment industry has attempted to paint him as the pirate king of illegal online file sharing, Kim Dotcom sees himself as an easy target and a sacrificial lamb in an insane and illegal case carried out by the FBI with the help of New Zealand's justice department.

Dotcom, creator of the popular file sharing website Megaupload was arrested on Jan 20 during a police raid on his New Zealand home. A month later he was released on bail and allowed to return to a shack on his property where he is barred from using the internet. For the first time since he told reporters that he just wanted to get home to see his family, Dotcom agreed to be interviewed for New Zealand's Channel 3 News. During the 20-minute interview, Dotcom explains how he created the website and why he never broke a single law, and passionately exclaims that he will take on the entertainment industry because he knows he is innocent.

Dotcom was only released on bail after the judge decided that he could no longer be considered a flight risk after the police had raided his house and frozen all his bank accounts. When asked if he was a flight risk, Dotcom responded that he had nowhere else to go.

Why would I leave after everything has been taken from me? He said. My company, that was worth probably a billion dollars plus, has been given a death sentence. The only thing that makes sense and is logical is to fight this. I will fight this all the way. And I promise you and everyone watching this right now that I will win this, because I'm no crook, and I've done nothing illegal.

The alleged internet piracy king explained that United States law actually protects him from the crimes he is being accused of committing.The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) protects internet companies from being sued over crimes committed by their users. The same law helped YouTube win their court case when they were sued by entertainment giant Viacom.

We are a lamb compared to YouTube, he said. They won their trial, while I'm sitting in jail and my house is being raided without a trial. This is insane.

Furthermore, Dotcom states that he never received a single legal notice from any entertainment provider. When asked why the company wasn't checking itself to make sure its content was legal, he explained that it would in fact be against the law to comb through his users' files.

It's kind of like weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, he said. These are fabrications and lies. There are hundreds of other companies out there that offer the exactly same opportunity as us.

In my opinion it's the U.S. government protecting an outdated monopolist system that doesn't work anymore, he added.

Doctom says he was targeted by the FBI because he is an easy target, thanks to his flamboyance, his history as a hacker and the fact that he is not an American citizen.

I'm an innovator, he said, defending himself. I created a website that people want to use for a lot of legitimate uses ... I'm a fighter. I'm going to fight this thing. I feel confident I'm going to win. Because at the end of the day everyone knows I'm not criminal.

Kim Dotcom's extradition hearing is set for August.