Megyn Kelly is making moves at Fox News as she's set to anchor the network's coverage of the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa with Bret Baier.

The role for Kelly marks her ascension at Fox News, where she was reported from the Democratic and Republican convention floors in 2008, the Associated Press noted.

"The elevation shows how Kelly, host of the daytime 'America Live' program, is rising at Fox," wrote the wire service's David Bauder in a profile of the Fox News anchor ahead of her convention assignment.

Kelly made the transition to television news following her career as a Washington, D.C.-based bankruptcy lawyer.

"I realized I had blown all of my 20s at the office and I didn't want to blow all of my 30s at the office," she told the AP.

Now Kelly is one of the most visible personalities at Fox News, and CEO Roger Ailes' decision to put the anchor at the heart of the network's convention coverage shows how she's viewed by her boss.

"For many executives in television, there's still a quiet understanding that the person with the most authority is the male anchor, and I don't think my boss suffers from that delusion," Kelly told the AP.

Michael Clemente, executive vice president for news at Fox, also gushed about Kelly.

"She just has those key ingredients that work for television," he said. "She knows exactly how to ask the right question. She can get to the point as fast as anyone and she's pleasant in the process and comfortable on the air."

In an interview with The Daily Beast's Howard Kurtz, Kelly credited Ailes with giving her the advice she needed to progress her career when she started out at Fox News.

Ailes "told me not to fear making a mistake, just admit it to the audience and move on," Kelly recalled.

Kelly called the advice an "aha moment.

"I slowly came to grips with the notion that my bravado was having the opposite effect than I intended," the Fox News anchor said. "When a woman in the Washington bureau reduced me to tears-which, believe me, doesn't happen often- [Fox News Managing Editor] Brit [Hume] told me my problem was that I projected zero vulnerability."

Now Kelly will be using those lessons she learned as she covers the 2012 Republican National Convention tonight alongside Baier, who hosts "Special Report With Bret Baier."