The notorious and mysterious Zodiac Killer who killed four men and three women in Northern California during the late 60s and early 70s, is yet to be identified.

Officials have long been stumped by the Zodiac Killer's true identity, who sent cryptic messages to local newspapers during his killing spree and inspired a number of books and movies.

But the latest memoir by a lawyer may reveal some clues to his identity.

In Peter Kagel's Advice, Trials and Tributations of a Country Lawyer: Calistoga, California 1973-1983, he recounts his experiences as the mayor of Calistoga and encounters with interesting characters, including an allusion to another lawyer in the city as being the Zodiac Killer.

The book describes Kagel's standoffs with the local newspaper's publisher and editor, a knife-wielding assailant and a bunch of ethically devoid lawyers.

Kagel refers to a character Homer Jones in his book as the Zodiac Killer, without providing any evidence.

The book is garnering much attention for Kagel's reference to the Zodiac Killer.