As Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson gets ready to celebrate her 18th birthday this week, she seems to have finally gotten over her ex-boyfriend Chester Castellaw and has started dating 26-year-old drummer, Michael Snoddy, Radar Online reported. Jackson broke up with Castellaw in December and has been seen in several photos posted on Instagram by Snoddy, who is part of a Los Angeles-based band called Street Drum Corps.

“He's in a band and they are pretty big in the underground scene,” a source told Radar Online, adding: “He is newly sober like Paris and they have obviously really latched on to each other.”

The source also said: “Snoddy is helping Paris with her vocals and they have gotten so close because of their shared love of music. ... Snoddy is free-spirited like Paris and the two of them spend a lot of time discussing spirituality, as well as their love of music and art.”

Reports in January said that Jackson’s family members were concerned about her lifestyle choices after her breakup with Castellaw. The 17-year-old, who is set to inherit her father’s property on her birthday on April 3, reportedly seemed to be on a “dangerous downward spiral” after the breakup. 

But things seem to be different in Jackson's new relationship, reports said. “Paris is really into him because he has the edge that Chester definitely did not have,” the source said, according to Radar Online.


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However, despite the teenager being reportedly happy with Snoddy, her family members are not too excited about her choice. However, they just seem to be happy she is not mourning her past relationship.

“The Jacksons are extremely apprehensive of this guy and they have already run a full background check on him just as they do every single person that comes into her life,” the source said, according to Radar Online. “Snoddy has told her that he does not care about her money, and Paris has told her family that this is what she likes most about him.” 

The source went on to add: “Honestly, her family is just glad that she is FINALLY out of that Chester slump.”

Another report by Radar Online Wednesday said that her family has big plans for her birthday celebrations. “Paris has not really celebrated her birthday since her father passed away,” a source told the website, adding: “She has such fond memories of past birthday celebrations with Michael, so it is really a sensitive time for her.”

The insider also said: “Paris’s family is all coming together to throw her a huge and lavish birthday party for her. As of right now, it will be at the Jackson family estate. ... Paris has no problems with anyone in her family, so they are all expected to be there.”

Meanwhile, the teenager was recently seen smoking on several occasions, triggering concern from her followers on social media. Reports also said that her family members had told her not to smoke.

“She told them that it is her life and she is going to do what she wants,” a source told Radar Online earlier in March, adding: “Paris's family is extremely worried about her right now, but they are actually just allowing her to continue smoking right now because they are so afraid of her shutting them out even more.”