Paris Jackson blonde Family smoking
Michael Jackson's daughter Paris is reportedly not listening to her family's request against her smoking, a report said Wednesday. In this photo, Paris and her brother Prince are seen attending a candlelight vigil at the childhood home of Michael Jackson on Aug. 29, 2012, in Gary, Indiana. Getty Images/Tasos Katopodis

Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson looked almost unrecognizable in bleached short hair on Wednesday while a family friend said that they were concerned about her smoking habits, Radar Online reported. Paris, 17, was also photographed over the weekend smoking a cigarette that raised concerns about her emotional and physical well-being.

Paris was seen with super-short platinum blond hairstyle, wearing a grey off-shoulder top with black tights in Los Angeles just weeks before her 18th birthday. The Radar Online report posted photos of the teenager, seen with a cigarette tucked behind her ear again, similar to ones in photos from over the weekend.

“Katherine [Jackson] and Joe [Jackson] both told her that she is not to smoke any more cigarettes, but she is not listening. She told them that it is her life and she is going to do what she wants,” the insider told Radar Online, adding: “Paris's family is extremely worried about her right now, but they are actually just allowing her to continue smoking right now because they are so afraid of her shutting them out even more.”

The report added that while her blue eyes were highlighted with the blond haircut, her new style was a form of rebellion against her grandmother Katherine. Paris is under a court-appointed guardianship of Katherine until she turns 18 on April 2, when she would also inherit her father’s property.

The insider continued: “Katherine always loved Paris' hair and that is why Paris cut it all off and dyed it,” adding: “She is basically doing everything right now that they do not want her to do.”

She also posted other photos from the same day on her Instagram page. She also a posted a photo that suggested she was walking with Justin Bieber in matching outfits. The caption read: "The real question is whether the emoji is for me or for f----- biebs over here."


intense case of late-stage resting bitch face

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The latest report by Radar Online follows one where it was revealed that Paris was meeting with Leonardo DiCaprio’s team to help build a career in acting and modeling. She also recently said on her Instagram page that she has been attending AA meetings (Alcoholics Anonymous) following reports in January that she was on a “dangerous downward spiral” after breaking up with boyfriend Chester Castellaw. A source had told Radar Online at the time: “Her family described her as 'inconsolable' after her breakup with Chester, and now she has completely shut everyone out.”

The source also said: “She also thought that some of her old friends took his side after the breakup and no longer trusts them,” adding: “Prince [Jackson] is the only one Paris has not shut out.

“He was quick to introduce her to his hard party crowd and she dove right in. She has ditched her old friends because she thinks that they are lame, and now she is hanging out with her brother's cool crowd,” the source added.