Paris Jackson smoking photo Family
Michael Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson's family members are reportedly concerned about the teenager, who was seen smoking a cigarette over the weekend. In this photo, Paris and her brother Prince Jackson attend the Jackson Immortilized event at Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood, California, on Jan. 26, 2012. Getty Images/Joe Klamar

Paris Jackson’s family members are concerned as the 17-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson was seen in photographs smoking a cigarette over the weekend, a source told Radar Online. Jackson reportedly broke up with her boyfriend Chester Castellaw after dating him for a year, and earlier reports said that the teenager has been attending late-night parties following the split, much to the distress of her family.

Jackson, who is set to inherit her father's property when she turns 18 in April, had also addressed via her Instagram page reports that slammed her for smoking, but she later deleted the post. Jackson had said in the post, according to Radar Online: “Smoking isn't cool. I get it. Sure as hell beats everything else in my past though. This is the least bad thing I could be doing right now. Especially compared to over half the population of 17-year-old girls in this country.”

But the report said that her family members were concerned about much more than just her smoking.

“There are fears that Paris is in a dangerous downward spiral,” the source said, according to Radar Online, adding: “Her family described her as 'inconsolable' after her breakup with Chester, and now she has completely shut everyone out.”

“She also thought that some of her old friends took his side after the breakup and no longer trusts them,” the source added.

In 2013, Jackson was admitted to a treatment facility after an emotional breakdown due to her father’s death. Since then, she has reportedly taken life in control and has been close to her brother Prince.

“Prince is the only one Paris has not shut out,” the source told Radar Online, adding: “He was quick to introduce her to his hard party crowd and she dove right in. She has ditched her old friends because she thinks that they are lame, and now she is hanging out with her brother's cool crowd.”