Meet Michelle Jenneke, the 19-year-old Australian hurdler who is lighting up the Internet with her pre-race ritual, recently caught on tape.

Jenneke was apparently warming up for the IAAF World Junior Championships in Barcelona when she started to move in what seemed to be a dancing motion. To make it even more appealing, viewers added music to give it the appearance that Jenneke is actually dancing.

Jenneke is not on Australia's Olympic team this year but she won a silver medal in the 100m hurdles at the 2010 Youth Olympics. The star of the now viral video could potentially find herself on Australia's team in 2016.

But for now, she'll just have to settle for Internet fame. One Twitter user writes I have a new female hurdler to cheer for. Junior hurdler Michelle Jenneke dances then wins

Another adds, Michelle Jenneke Might Be the Hottest Hurdler Ever.

Of course, the video has also sparked comment about its sexual overtones.

One user writes We can all agree that no one ever would have noticed Michelle Jenneke if she hadn't been jumping up and down, right?

Check below for the video of the 19-year-old Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke warming up for her race.