Michelle Obama, the first lady of the U.S., said at an event in Washington on Monday that there was no chance of her getting into politics after her husband, President Barack Obama, leaves the White House in early 2017.

The first lady, who was present at the Working Families Summit that discussed family-friendly employee policies, reportedly dismissed rumors that she might take up a political career as her predecessor Hillary Clinton has done.

"No, it will not be political. It definitely will not be. It will be mission-based, service-focused," she reportedly told ABC News' Robin Roberts when asked if she would consider becoming a politician.

According to reports, though it was not clear if Obama’s comments were aimed at speculation that she was considering a future in the U.S. Senate, the first lady also reportedly said that a woman president "should happen as soon as possible," adding: "And I think this country is ready."

"The person who should do the job is the person who's the most qualified. And we have some options, don't we?" she said.

Roberts reportedly asked Obama to shed some light on comments that she and the President made at an interview with Parade magazine last week, while talking about the kind of minimum-wage jobs they had early in their career. In the magazine interview, she had reportedly expressed a wish that their daughters, Sasha and Malia, should also have the same experience.

“It really doesn't matter what it is," Obama reportedly said, in response to Roberts' question. "I think the whole point is that they learn how to roll up their sleeves and work hard and understand what the vast majority of folks in this country have to do to earn a living and that it's not glamorous and that it's not fun all the time."