Kanye West was not the only performer who sparked controversy on Wednesday night at the 12.12.12 relief concert to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims.

Mick Jagger was also criticized during his set with the Rolling Stones, when the English musician opened by saying:

“This has got to be the largest collection of old English musicians ever assembled in Madison Square Garden. But I’ve got to say, if it rains in London, you’ve got to come and help us, OK?”

“I can’t believe Mick Jagger said “If it rains in London I want you guys to come help us” what a scumbag thing to say…” wrote twitter user @JoeMo724.

@BenPurzak68 said, “Not a big fan of the stones. Especially after what Mick Jagger said about we have to help now when it rains in London.”

“Did Mick Jagger just dismiss the scale of the hurricane damage?” asked @ParkAvesFinest.

Fellow performer Kanye West also caused outrage at the 12.12.12 relief concert, not only due to his leather skirt and leggings combination, but also due to his song choice.

At New York's Madison Square Garden, West sang the song "Mercy" during his 20-minute set; the song is primarily about his Lamborghini, which some thought was in bad taste.

“I step in Def Jam building like I’m the [shit]/Tell ‘em ‘Give me fifty million or I’mma quit” and “Lamborghini Mercy/Your chick she so thirsty/I’m in that two seat Lambo,” are some of the lyrics in the hit single.

“I [expletive] w[ith] #Kanye but these r the times where his ego gets in the way. Y would a lambo song be appropriate 4 a disaster benefit. #getconnected [sic,]” wrote @akirone.

“This is the most out of place performance in the history of concerts #Kanye #121212concert,” said @KFCBarStool.

@AdamMoskowitz wrote “I don’t think he thought thru that set very well, didn’t fit the occasion & he looked like a biker chick #kanye #121212concert [sic].”

The 12.12.12 relief concert also featured performances from artists such as Alicia Keys, Paul McCartney, Bon Jovi, the Who, and Nirvana. But it was West’s fashion style and songs, and Jagger's comment that caused the most buzz.

In November, there was another large relief concert for Hurricane Sandy victims called "Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together." The one-hour live benefit telethon helped to raise money for those affected by the devastating storm.

Performers included Billy Joel, Christina Aguilera, Bruce Springsteen, and Sting.