Legendary sports radio host Mike Francesa isn't a big fan of Twitter apparently.

The WFAN radio show host went on a rant about the social media platform on Tuesday, in which he declared that tweeting should be against the law.

The fact that broadcasters, media people, and athletes are allowed to tweet, which should be against the law, is a big change, Francesa proclaimed. Should be against the law because no one needs to hear from any of them.

Twitter has more than 140 million active users, including some of the biggest names in sports such as Tiger Woods and LeBron James, but Francesa wants nothing to do with it. The 58-year-old radio show host said that he'll never join the platform.

You're never going to catch me tweeting and if I do you've got a scoop because it will never happen. Never.

Francesa later asked if you have to pay to tweet, according to SI.com's Jimmy Traina.

Francesa isn't currently on Twitter, but that hasn't stopped someone from creating a parody account. @MikeFrancesaNY has amassed more than 12,000 followers and makes fun of many of Francesa's popular idiosyrancies and catch phrases.

His sports media rant on Monday was quickly met by guffaws and insults by Twitter users.

Joe Casale, @sportsJC16, tweeted, Aside from Chris Berman, I know of no other person in sports more out of touch with reality than Mike Francesa.

He followed up that tweet with, There are people in life who take pleasure being out of touch with reality. In the sports world, Mike Francesa is one of those people.