After six long seasons on the air, CBS’ “Mike & Molly” has come to an end. The show aired its final episode on Monday, May 16 and the show’s writers went straight for viewers heartstrings in a tear-jerking episode that fans won’t soon forget ... because they’ve seen it before.

Season 6, episode 13, titled “I See Love,” followed a similar plot line to that of CBS’ “King of Queens” series finale. During the episode Mike (Billy Gardell) and Molly (Melissa McCarthy) learn that they’ve been approved to adopt a baby. While getting together the final necessities it happens — the couple find out that their baby is on the way. While sitting in the waiting room, crossing their fingers for a smooth delivery, Mike, Molly and their friends and family take a stroll down memory lane, which brings about some sweet confessions and messages of gratitude. Mike thanks Carl (Reno Wilson)— his friend and Chicago Police Department partner — for having his back all this time before revealing that he and Molly have chosen him as their child’s godfather (pending his acceptance, of course).

Victoria (Katy Mixon) and Molly step away for a heart-to-heart of their own, during which the younger of the two siblings agrees to be there through the couple’s journey in parenting. She does, however, have a few stipulations — Victoria tells Molly she’ll be at on call at all times “except weekends and mornings.” Still, Molly extends an offer to be the child’s godmother. The moment is interrupted by the arrival of Mike and Molly’s baby boy. While friends and family gather around to meet their son for the first time, Molly drops one last bombshell — she’s pregnant with baby No. 2. “Mike & Molly” closes with a very meta moment, showing the couple lulling their newborn to sleep to the show’s theme song.

If this plot sounds familiar, that’s because it is. “King of Queens,” which wrapped in 2007 after nine seasons, followed a similar outline. The episode, titled “China Syndrome,” centered on one major decision — will Doug (Kevin James) and Carrie Heffernan (Leah Remini) continue living in the Rego Park, New York, home they’ve lived in for the entirety of the show and start a family or will they make the move to the heart of the city? Naturally this creates challenges for the couple, who are on the brink of adopting a baby from China. Carrie wants to leave Queens behind for big city living, while Doug — who is a much simpler person than his wife — wants to stay put. On top of that, Carrie’s crazy father Arthur (Jerry Stiller) is preparing to get married once again. While preparing for the nuptials Doug learns that his wife held on to a Manhattan apartment she’d assured him she would be getting rid of. He decides that she’s gone too far and he must ask for a divorce. Instead he gets drunk and finds himself rough housing with various wedding guests, including a very pregnant Holly (Nicole Sullivan). Meanwhile Carrie gets word from the adoption agency that their daughter — Ming May — is ready to be picked up. She excitedly shares the news with Doug, who drunkenly confronts her about the apartment.

Doug stands his ground, suggesting that divorce is the only option, which leads them to another important question — who gets their adopted daughter? The couple races to the airport to catch a flight, leading fans to believe they may really be through. As the episode nears a close, however, Doug and Carrie kiss and make up. Before “King of Queens’ comes to a close Carrie delivers one final shocker — she’s pregnant.

Several fans took notice of the similarities, pointing them out on Twitter. While some didn’t seem to mind the borrowed plot lines, others called it “#predictable” and “lame.” One fan even went as far as to call the writing “lazy.” Neither the show’s writers nor its stars have spoken out about the criticism.

The cancelation of “Mike & Molly” was announced in December 2015. Gardell confirmed the news on Twitter, telling his followers when Season 6 would premiere and how many episodes long it would be. He also took a moment to thank the many fans who stood by himself, McCarthy and the show’s writers for so long.