Melissa McCarthy
Melissa McCarthy, photographed during an appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on April 4, 2016, in New York City, is officially appearing in the Netflix reboot of “Gilmore Girls.” Getty Images

It’s official — Melissa McCarthy is returning to “Gilmore Girls.” She will be reprising her role as Sookie St. James, one of three co-owners of Stars’ Hollow’s Dragonfly Inn.

McCarthy, 45, announced on Thursday, after several months of denying her participation, that she would be featured in the Netflix revival after all. During an appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” the “Boss” star revealed that just before sitting down for the interview she and the producers of “Gilmore Girls” were able to find a way to resolve scheduling conflicts that had previously prevented her from participating in the reboot. McCarthy revealed little else about her participation — likely due to the sudden nature of the news.

The announcement came just hours after the release of creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s most recent interview with Entertainment Weekly. During the sit down she told the publication that her and husband Daniel Palladino, who serves as co-producer on the show, had been fielding questions about McCarthy coming back to “Gilmore Girls” from the moment they pitched the revival. At the time, both felt it would be too difficult to pull the actress away from her chaotic schedule for 60 days of filming. Sherman-Palladino, who is represented by the same group as McCarthy, said she kept a watchful eye over the star’s schedule, but was repeatedly told that it “can't happen.”

With McCarthy and several other much-beloved stars slated to appear in the Netflix revival of the popular show from the early 2000s, viewers have a lot of questions. After all, it’s been nearly a decade since last we caught up with Lorelai (Lauren Graham), Rory (Alexis Bledel), Luke (Scott Patterson) and the rest of the gang.

At present, very little is known about the plot of the series. Below are six things we’d love to have answered before the premiere:

Are Sookie and Lorelai still best friends?

In time, things change — especially in regards to friendships. When “Gilmore Girls” came to a close in 2007 Sookie and Lorelai were thick as thieves, but will the same be true all these years later?

Is The Dragonfly Inn Still Going Strong?

Sookie was first introduced to “Gilmore Girls” viewers as the somewhat-clumsy chef at the Independence Inn. She later went on to co-own The Dragonfly Inn alongside Lorelai and Michel (Yanic Truesdale)— but is business still booming?

Is Sookie Still Having Mishaps In The Kitchen?

While there’s no denying that Sookie was a great chef and an even better cake decorator, she was no stranger to accidents. She’s had nine years to perfect her craft, however, so here’s hoping she’s no longer setting kitchen towels on fire.

Is Sookie Still A Hypochondriac?

One of her many quirks on the show was that she frequently feared she was coming down with the ailments of those around her. This, as well as her many other personality traits, was one of many things the made her relatable to viewers. Fingers crossed she's back and eccentric as ever.

Will Jackson (Jackson Douglas) Be Returning As Well?

Admit it, Sookie and Jackson were the #RelationshipGoals of the early 2000s — at least until Luke and Lorelai came to be (Or not be? Whatever — it’s complicated). While it’s been widely buzzed about which stars have signed on for the reboot, Jackson has not yet been mentioned, but you can’t have Sookie without her hubby — right?

What About Her and Jackson’s children?

When last we say Jackson and Sookie they had three young children — will they, too, be returning to “Gilmore Girls”? Could their be even more?

The “Gilmore Girls” Netflix reboot has not yet received an official release date. The series will include four 90-minute long episodes.