Now, that their beauty pageants are over, Miss America and Miss Hawaii are taking time to relax in Maui.

Mallory Hytes Hagan, 23, won the Miss America title on Jan. 12 in Las Vegas, after winning the Miss New York title. She and her good friend, Skyler Kamaka, 21, who won Miss Hawaii, wore bikinis on the beach and snapped pictures together as they enjoyed time off their beauty pageant duties. Though Hagan went on to beat Kamaka at the Miss America competition, the two apparently have remained close. [[nid:1121505]]

Beauty pageant contestants must go on rigorous diets before they hit the stage. Miss USA and winner of Miss Universe 2012, Olivia Culpo, discussed her pageant diet in December's issue of "Shape" magazine.

She said a high protein and low-carbohydrate diet in addition to green veggies, almonds, and yogurt were diet staples.

After the pageant ends, it isn't uncommon to take time off the strict diet. Culpo's victory meal included penne pasta with chicken and red sauce, bread and a cupcake, she told TMZ.

Miss America and Miss Hawaii showed off their fuller bodies on the beach after displaying super lean bodies on the pageant stage.

Check out how they look now, here, and below are photos of them when they won Miss America and Miss Hawaii.  Miss USA Miss America back in January Photo: Reuters Miss USA Miss America back in January Photo: Reuters [[nid:1121501]]