It has been approximately two months since Missouri baby Lisa Irwin has been missing. Now the family of the Northland infant on Tuesday, asked for an end to the vigils outside their home.

The infant's disappearance has not only rocked her community, but the nation also.

The people gathered outside the home have been praying for the infant's safe return. However, John Picerno, an attorney for Lisa's parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, told The Kansas City Star that the family will continue private vigils.

But Edith Fine-Duskin, the leader of the group called Lisa's Angels, told the Kansas City paper that it hurts that the family no longer wants the vigil held outside their home.

It is like she (Deborah Bradley) is pushing us all away, Fine-Duskin told the paper, noting that she still believes Lisa Irwin is alive.

Police have reported no new developments in the case and have no suspects. They also have no clue what happened to the infant, despite receiving hundreds of leads.

Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin have told police that their infant daughter has been missing since Oct. 4 and that she was possibly abducted from her crib during the early morning hours.

The infant's parents told authorities that they found out she was missing when the father returned home from working the night shift.

Texas-based psychic Stephanie Almaguer has said she received visions that have led her to believe the infant drowned in the family's bathtub and was placed on the parents' bedroom floor as they were trying to revive her, according to

That report also noted that Almaguer believes that baby Lisa Irwin was placed in a shallow grave near the family home after attempts to revive her failed.

She's in a hole, and it was a hole that carried water, Almaguer said, as reported by

Police have led a search of Baby Lisa Irwin's parents' home and a cadaver dog detected a deceased-human smell in the bedroom.

According to a police affidavit filed in a Kansas City court, the dog was searching for evidence when it indicated a positive 'hit' for the scent of a deceased human in an area of the floor of [her parents'] bedroom near the bed.

Here are the events that occurred over the past two months.

- Oct. 4: The baby was reported missing. Authorities found out that there was a fire in the dumpster near the Irwin-Bradley home around 2 a.m. that day. An amber alert was turned on and a local landfill searched.

- Oct. 5: Baby Lisa Irwin's plead for her safe return. Amber alert called off and detectives continue search.

- Oct. 6: Police said the parents were no longer cooperating.

- Oct. 7: Landfill searched a second time. Deborah Bradley said she took and failed a lie detector test. Bradley and Irwin went on Today show to discuss case.

- Oct. 8: Baby Lisa Irwin's parents reportedly met with police for the last time.

-  Oct. 9: Police returned the Irwin-Bradley home to re-enact what possibly went on during the abduction.  Lisa's aunt, Ashley Irwin, helped with the search by handing out flyers at the Kansas Speedway NASCAR Sprint Cup race.

- Oct. 11: Authorities searched a drainage ditch near the family's home.

- Oct. 12: Surveillance video of Deborah Bradley purchasing a box of wine and other products on Oct. 3 was released. New York private investigator Bill Stanton announces that a wealthy private benefactor hired him to work with the baby's parents on an independent investigation into the case.

- Oct. 13: Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon announced a one-day deployment order of 25 National Guardsmen to help with the search for the missing toddler.

- Oct. 14 the anonymous donor offered a $100,000 reward for Baby Lisa's return.

- Oct. 16: The National Guard joined in the search for Baby Lisa Irwin.

- Oct. 17: Deborah Bradley announced on national TV that she had been drinking five to 10 glasses of wine the night her baby went missing and was drunk. She admitted to being the last person to see the baby alive because she put the infant to bed. New York defense attorney Joe Tacopina hired. FBI cadaver dog was brought in on this day and detected the smell of deceased human decomposition in an area on the parent's bedroom floor near the bed. Tacopina, claimed cadaver dog hits meant nothing.

- Oct. 18: No-fly zones were issued in their search areas. Reports began emerging about Deborah's inconsistent story.

- Oct 19 - 20: Police requested and executed search warrant at Lisa Irwin's parents' home. They blocked off the area looking for DNA evidence and left with brown papers bags containing the baby's clothes and toys.

- On Oct. 21, Mike Thompson went on national TV alleging he saw a man with a baby the night Baby Lisa went missing. He is one of three eyewitnesses who claimed the saw a mystery man.

- Oct. 23: ABC News releases footage showing mystery man leaving a wooden area near the baby's parents' home.

- Oct. 24: Other eyewitnesses were shown photos in order to identify the mystery man Thompson claimed he saw but no of them recognized the man.

- Oct. 26: Family agreed child specialists can interview the infant's half-siblings.

- Oct. 28: Tacopina called of the interviews and announced he'd fired local attorney Cyndy Short.

- Oct. 29: Reports of a mystery call made from Deborah Bradley's cellphone to the cellphone of Megan Wright, someone Deborah Bradley said she never knew. However, sources told Fox News that the attempted call to Wright happened hours before the baby was discovered missing.

- Nov. 1 -2: Tacopina said Kansas City lawyer John Picerno will join the team. Picerno added to the parents' legal team on Nov. 2.

- Nov. 5: Announcement of potential suspect profile was submitted to police by Gil Abeyta's team. reported that Abeyta went to Kansas City soon after the infant went missing in order to help the family.

- Nov. 9: Megan Wright, who denied receiving a 50-second call from Deborah Bradley, said she believes the call was made at 8:30 p.m. the night the baby disappeared. Sources told Fox News that Wright got the call at 11:57 p.m., which is about 20 minutes before a neighbor reportedly seeing a bald man with a baby near Lisa's house. Wright's ex-boyfriend, who is known as Jersey, is reportedly bald and a handyman, who goes from door-to-door looking for work.

- Nov. 11: Baby Lisa Irwin turns 1 year old. Her brothers were interview the evening before her birthday, which was publicly celebrated.

- Nov. 13: Reports surfaced that there is a custody battle over Jeremy Irwin's 8-year-old son.

- Nov. 15: Jeremy Irwin's 8-year-old son's mother reportedly filed for custody of the child.

- Nov. 18: The parents' local attorney, John Picerno, alleged that the mother of a teenage girl told him that the girl's boyfriend said he heard that local handyman 'Jersey' was bragging that he was paid $300 to steal Baby Lisa Irwin.

- Nov. 23: Authorities in Kansas City Shut down a command post where police and FBI agents were working the missing baby case after leads begin to dwindle and other cases demanded attention. The personnel have returned to their offices, the Kansas City Star reported. Approximately eight detectives are still assigned to Baby Lisa Irwin's case.

- Nov. 24: Search for the infant continues after a tip from a Texas-based psychic Stephanie Almaguer said she has had visions that the baby Lisa Irwin was accidentally killed and her body dumped near the former casino near Interstate 435 and Missouri Highway 210. The site is near Irwin's home.

Nov. 29: Family asked for an ending to the vigil outside their home.