A security video shows Lisa Irwin's mother, Deborah Bradley, shopping with an unidentified man hours before baby Lisa went missing. Bradley, accompanied by a mystery man wearing a dark shirt and blue jeans, walked through Festival Foods at about 5 p.m. on Oct. 3.

The store told CNN that Bradley purchased baby wipes, baby food and boxed wine.

[Bradley] had a smile on her face, like she always does when she comes in here, Store clerk Rebecca Guerrero told CNN, who claims she knows Bradley from her frequent shopping trips to the store.

According to Guerrero, Bradley seemed calm and joyful in the hours before her baby daughter was reported missing.

From my interaction [with the parents], I really don't think that they have anything to do with this, she told CNN.

[FBI agents] pretty much asked me if she was depressed... how she acted around the baby, if she seemed stressed out, Guerrero told CNN in an exclusive interview. I told them she never looked depressed around me. You know, she always seemed to have a smile on her face when her kids were around.

The release of the security video follows the addition of Bill Stanton, a New York-based security consultant, to the search for baby Lisa. Bill Stanton, known as celebrity private investigator Wild Bill, claims he will be conducting an independent investigation and that he was hired by a wealthy benefactor. The Bradley-Irwin family is in support of his assistance.

I am hopeful this child is safe and alive, Stanton said. I don't want to make this about me.

Stanton is a former New York City police officer, but does not seem to be licensed in the state of Missouri. Authorities say he will not have access to any confidential police files.

He will have access to anything the general public has access to, Kansas City police spokesman Capt. Steve Young said.

I will be asking questions, Stanton told CNN. I am here to seek the truth.

Emergency workers also searched a 30-40 foot deep well on Tuesday located under the deck of a vacant house five blocks near Bradley and Irwin's home in Kansas City. Three firefighters were lowered into the well, but the Kansas City police found nothing.

After receiving over 300 tips and chasing down many others, police still have no leads or suspects in the disappearance of baby Lisa Irwin.

Early in the investigation Bradley failed a lie detector test and was suspected by police. Bradley claimed she was never shown the polygraph test answers and denied knowing anything that happened to baby Lisa.

Baby Lisa's parents claim the 10-month old mysteriously disappeared from their home late Monday night or early Tuesday morning over a week ago.

Irwin, an electrician, maintain that he returned from work around 4 a.m. Tuesday to discover baby Lisa missing. Bradley claimed she last checked on her daughter around 10:30 p.m., before falling asleep in her bed with her six year-old son.

The parents say they searched frantically for baby Lisa early Tuesday morning, but found only the front door unlocked, a window opened, house lights turned on, and three cell phones missing.

Baby Lisa Irwin, nicknamed pumpkin pie, is described as white, with blond hair and blue eyes, about 30 inches tall and weighing 26-30 pounds. The family says that she was last seen wearing purple shorts and a purple shirt with white kittens on it.

If you have any information on the girl's whereabouts call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

Security Video of Deborah Bradley the Night Baby Lisa Went Missing: