“Mistresses” aired its dramatic fourth episode Monday. But if you thought “Friends with Benefits” was steamy, just wait until you feel the heat of episode 5, “Playing with Fire.” According to the synopsis of next week’s installment, all your mistresses will be inching toward a scorching flame – but who will get burned?

The summary for episode 5 suggests that Savi’s sister and her friends will become concerned when Savi’s secret camaraderie with Zack turns into something more than just a support group for car accident victims.

“You’re playing with fire!” Joss screams at Savi in the episode 5 promo, referring to her more-than-just-friends relationship with Zack. The two have been growing closer and closer since the handsome stranger set foot in Savi’s open house. Not only did they rock out together during an expensive Red Hot Chili Peppers concert, but Zack is the first person Savi has opened up to about the loss of her baby. Could Zack be inching Dom out of the picture?

Meanwhile, Karen will try to “heed to April’s advice” that her harmless addiction of escorting could turn into something dangerous. We just hope “Jennifer” is carrying pepper spray in her purse at all times.

While Karen looks for anything but love, Joss stumbles upon it when she meets Scott, Kyra’s plastic surgeon friend. The two hit it off after Scott tells Joss how beautiful she is, and according to the promo for “Playing with Fire,” he’ll even woo her enough to get her back to his high heel-filled house.

“Lucky for you I like a little freaky,” Joss replies after Scott reveals his stylish fetish.

As Joss walks on cloud nine – in her designer heels – April will “get some disconcerting news about Daniel.” This probably has something to do with the mysterious woman named Jessica who called him in episode 4.

“Oh my God. He was with a woman,” April says in the trailer as a scene of Daniel laughing along with a red-headed woman appears. Is Daniel cheating on April? We find that odd considering he was gung-ho on meeting April’s friends to take their relationship to the next level.

Last but not least, Dom will grapple with “repercussions in the office after he and Savi come out about their relationship.” We can hear HR walking down the hallway now!

What are your predictions for episode 5? Sound off in the comments section below. Episode 5 of "Mistresses" will air on ABC next Monday at 10 p.m. EDT.