“Mistresses” aired its jaw-dropping episode 3 Monday night. And if you happened to miss “Open House,” then you’re in luck, because we’ve got the eyebrow-raising, chill-inducing recap.

The ABC series opened with a scene of Savi and Harry’s open house, and to everyone’s surprise, it went relatively well. Even after the open house ended, folks were still wandering in, willing to sneak a peek – specifically a man with boyish good looks named Zach. Joss tells the potential buyer that he should make an appointment, and with that he leaves – but not before getting his flirt on with Savi. “You should let Harry know this is happening soon,” Joss said of the house getting multiple buyers. But Savi lets her bestie know that she and her ex aren’t on speaking terms.

“Mistresses” then cuts to a scene of April dropping her daughter off at school, but Lucy is too involved with her game (probably Candy Crush) to notice she’s arrived. “You seemed to be more on my phone than I am,” April quips. But Lucy doesn’t find the statement funny. She complains that’s she’s the only one at school without a phone. April tells her daughter that “having expensive things isn’t the way” to fit in. Then, ironically, a parent runs up to April’s car gushing over the lavish “parent party” April is about to throw. “What’s the theme?” the mother asks, to which April responds with a speechless stare.

And April isn’t the only one at a loss for words in episode 3. During a coffee date, Joss is stunned when Karen reveals she’s going out with Jacob. Karen says it’s harmless, but Joss isn’t so sure.

Harry then bangs on the coffee house window to get Joss’ attention to help him with the open house. He’s been scouring the Web, and commenters are telling the color of his guest room is just all wrong. He begs Joss to call Savi to discuss fixing the problem, but Joss isn’t thrilled with the request.

“Just call her! If you can’t call her, text her,” she pleads. “This is exactly why we can’t work together.”

“If I could call her, text her…” Harry begins. “But I just can’t.”

Meanwhile, Savi is facing her own issues – ones that happen to have a really pretty face. “You really know how to bounce back from a crash, mamacita,” Toni flatters Savi before asking about her relationship status. Then Toni adds fuel to the lit fire, saying things between her and Dom “are getting hotter.” Savi is clearly annoyed by the comment and proving Toni’s plan worked. The girl knows which buttons to push!

“Welcome to my hell,” Savi told Joss as her friend walks into her shared office. Joss informs Savi that painters are on their way to her house per Harry’s request. Savi completely freaks out and runs straight to Dom’s office, where she asks to leave. Dom is conflicted because although he loves Savi, there is a huge meeting that Savi needs to attend. He gives her the OK after she gives some puppy eyes. “I promise I won’t let this become a thing,” Savi swears.

While Savi runs home to save her house from painters, April is racing to save her party! Luckily she has the help of her gay BFF Mickey to make this bash a success. He asks her what a “parent party” is.

“It’s like a mini-fundraiser,” April answers.

“So, what’s your party?” Mickey asks of the theme.

“Pizza and beer,” April says tentatively before stating that she’s canceling the party. Mickey says that would be social suicide for her and her daughter. That’s when Lucy walks in with her snobby friend Peyton. The little girl informs April that her parents probably won’t be attending the “party labeled party” but that she’ll certainly set up a cocktail meet and greet.

Karen finally goes out with Jacob, which is when he reveals his former feelings for her. “Romantic feelings?” Karen asks, confused. Jacob jokes that he needs to work on his flirting, but Karen is too shocked to laugh.

Harry informs Joss they someone had just offered cash upfront for the house, which he wants to accept, but Joss refuses to take the less than impressive deal without Savi’s consent.

“If you want to accept that offer you’ll need to call her yourself,” she warns.

Savi eventually returns to work, hours late, and apologizes to Dom with a series of unfortunate events that kept her from the meeting. But Dom, who is clearly upset, says Toni was there to take her place. “Toni covered for you at the meeting so it’s no big deal,” he explained. But we know Dom, and that was not Dom’s happy face. He then warns Savi to not take advantage of him again – especially when her request revolves around Harry.

While Savi strove to avoid paint, April embraced it at her party.

“You throw quite the party,” a pair of parents said as shirtless men danced around with shots. “It’s certainly been exciting.” We can vouch for that!

After the compliment, April bumps into a charming man who is able to finish her sentences. The duo share a shot or two and the mysterious man, “possibly named Steven,” even asks her on a date. But April refuses. She explains to Mickey that she’s too invested in Daniel and he agrees.

“You focus all your energy on one guy and you’re going to freak him out,” Mickey says of April putting all her “eggs in one basket.” “Daniel won’t ever call until you go out with someone else. That’s how the universe works.”

But April isn’t the only one who isn’t ready to mingle! Apparently Karen’s in the same boat. She revealed to Joss that she hasn’t been on a date in quite some time, which is when Joss suggests online dating. Karen isn’t fond of the idea but she know she needs to get out there – and she knows just who to do it with.

Savi gets a surprise visit from Vanessa, who comes bearing papers to sign and close a deal on her house.

“I assume he told you,” Vanessa says awkwardly. Savi is pretty peeved, and for that reason Toni smiles. Savi leaves Harry an angry voicemail asking him to call her back.

After Mickey’s advice, April goes out with Steven for some coffee. After their date, he tries to lay one on her. She jumps back and says “it’s 11:30 in the morning.”

“Well, maybe next time well make [the date] later in the day,” he responds creepily.

And the eeriness only continues when “Mistresses” cuts to a scene of Toni trying to woo Dom. She arrives to his office to complain about Savi and her “personal calls,” but Dom tells her to be respectful and patience due to Savi’s difficult situation and seniority. That’s when Toni lets her true colors fly.

“I like you, Dom,” she says and she slides her hand over his chest.

“Toni, I’m flattered. It’s just not a possibility for a variety reasons,” he replies, adding that being her boss is one of them. After that, Toni walks away slyly knowing she had just caught Dom in a hypocritically lie.

Karen goes on her date but reveals to Joss she had a pretty lame time. Apparently she’s not into pool and buffalo wings. That’s when Joss figures out Karen is afraid of rejection. She urges Karen to go out on a limb and so she does, only to get shot down by Jacob over the phone. Looks like that bottle of wine Karen was drinking is soon going to be empty.

Savi goes to Harry’s door to talk over the selling of their house.

“We really need to work on our communication,” she said angrily. The two argue over the house and their relationship only to end with both parties hurt. Harry calls her a selfish woman and Savi rebuttals saying he’s just as bad.

“So, yeah… I made some mistakes. But so did you,” she said.

“We done here?” Harry replied wanting to hurry the process along.

The argument must have taken a toll on Savi because she called out from work the next day. Dom calls to check in on his girlfriend and the two patch things up. However, Dom neglects to inform Savi of Toni’s advances.

April finally gets to have a cocktail date with the parents of her daughter’s best friend. Turns out, Peyton’s father is the creepy Steven. He comes with his wife, a bottle of fancy wine and a chilling smile. April's episode 3 storyline ends with her giving a phone to Lucy and finding out that her daughter accidentally changed her settings, delaying texts. Turns out Daniel had been texting her all along! The two gals go to bed happy with phones in hand.

But strangest part of episode 3 was the cute man from the opening scene. Zach returns to Savi’s home, revealing that he’s not actually interested in the house but they’re to discuss matters.

“I just wanted to meet you, Savannah,” he said. “We need to talk.”

What do you think Zach could possibly want to talk about? Who is he? Sound off in the comments section below and let us know what you thought of tonight’s episode.