“Mistresses” fans are going to have to live with that Season 4 finale cliffhanger. ABC officially cancelled the summer sudser.

Season 4 of the drama came to a close on Tuesday with a jaw-dropping ending. The series killed off Yunjin Kim’s character, Karen Kim, and jumped ahead a little over a year. April (Rochelle Aytes) and Joss (Jes Macallan) both welcomed baby daughters and were happily married to their spouses. However, something was still haunting them — their dear old friend Karen.

Although the women went to her funeral and everything, April claimed to have seen a woman resembling Karen in her store. Things got super spooky when a coffee barista revealed that Karen stopped in for her usual drink earlier that day, even showing her signature on her receipt as proof. April decided to give Karen’s brother a call in Korea, which is when the friends discovered that the ashes never arrived. Could Karen still be alive? The final episode concluded with a woman (Hina Abdullah) approaching April, introducing herself as “Karen Kim.”

Prior to the show getting cancelled, executive producer Rina Momoun teased TVLine that the new Karen Kim storyline would be “kind of out of there.” However, she confirmed that it wouldn’t be anything too crazy — like Lydia (Alanna Masterson) getting extreme plastic surgery.

“It’s more about growing our group of women in the most organic way possible,” she explained.

So, does that mean that “Mistresses” fans will never find out the scoop on the new Karen Kim? Mimoun and showrunner Josh Reims were pitching ABC a “final fling” season for 2017. ABC has opted out, but another network — or potentially streaming service like Netflix or Hulu — could pick it up.

Unfortunately, the series appears to have lost a big chunk of its fan base over the years. The pilot episode in 2013 brought in 4.4 million viewers. The Season 4 finale on Tuesday dipped to 2.5 million viewers.

Brett Tucker, who portrayed series regular Harry for the past four seasons, is the only cast member so far who has commented on the cancellation.

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