Presumptive GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney recently picked up an endorsement from someone your parents wouldn't actually picture as a state senator: Mindy Meyer.

And just who is Mindy Meyer, you might ask?

She is a loud, outspoken 22-year-old, and an Orthodox Jew, running against 10-year Democratic incumbent Sen. Kevin Parker for the New York State Senate in the 21st District in Brooklyn.

"I am a Republican and I am not happy with Obama so I am definitely going to endorse Mitt Romney in the presidential election," Meyer said in a video released by Animal New York.

Meyer recently spent an afternoon campaigning in the streets, urging constituents to vote for her because she isn't the "typical senator."

She's right.

Meyer, who describes herself the "Diva of the District," comes across not unlike Elle Woods from the "Legally Blonde" movie. She is a hot pink blazer-wearing candidate with a hot pink, bedazzled website, complete with leopard-print text.

"I may be the diva, but I am the diva that's going to do something or you," Meyer told constituents on the street. "Kim Kardashian is a diva too. But does she do anything for you? No, she doesn't. Am I right?"

Meyer said she wants to bring her ambition and energy to the senate. But most of all she wants to focus on what her constituents want. Among the issues dear to Meyer are the Stop and Frisk policy, crime, poverty, unemployment, and abortion.

"If I can't do it I won't lie to you lady," Meyer can be heard telling a woman on the street. "I am an advocate for you. I am not selfish."

The Touro College graduate, who thinks the minds of some criminals are genius, said they can be reformed to do good. Just how does she plan to fight crime?

"Did any of you ever watch 'White Collar?'" she asked people on the street. "You know Neal. I love Neal from 'White Collar.' You know he was a criminal and then he turned into an FBI agent. Why don't we do that in our district? We will bring Neal from 'White Collar' to this district and we will fight against gangs."

But winning the seat may be a long shot for Meyer, who is competing in a Democratic district. Moreover, there have been reports that her paperwork wasn't properly filed in order to run on the Republican ticket.

According to Politicker, Meyer originally registered without stating her party preference, but has since made the status change to Republican. That move reportedly won't take effect until after the upcoming general election.