Mother's Day is quickly approaching (May 13 to be exact), and you may be stressing over what to get Mom this year. 

Standard gifts like flowers, candy and candles are always appreciated. But why not take things to the next level for Mother's Day 2012? 

If you want to get Mom a blossoming bouquet, put it in a handcrafted planter that she can use forevermore. 

Luxury versions of everyday items are always appreciated. Instead of a standard white candle, opt for a luxury one. This gift can act not only as an air freshener but also as home decor. 

Customization is another win. Mothers love to see that their children put in some time and effort instead of reaching for the generic. A monogrammed necklace or bracelet adds personalization to an otherwise basic piece of jewelry. 

With summer right around the corner, there are great beach gifts that Mom can use all season long. Keep her feet looking purdy in the hottest flipflops or with an at-home foot massager. Give her a sun safety kit so she is protected throughout those scorching hot months.  

Check out these gift ideas for Mother's Day 2012. We promise your search for the perfect gift ends here.