In addition to the previously announced bamboo finish for the Moto X, Motorola Mobility officially unveiled the rest of the well-leaked wood backs for its Android flagship on Friday.

The new backs, which Motorola calls “Wood Finishes” are available in Ebony, Teak and Walnut and will add $25 to the $399 off-contract price of the Moto X. Motorola says that the Moto X finishes are made out of real wood, and will each feature slightly different grains.

The Moto X can be customized and ordered with the new backs on the company's Moto Maker web site already. Motorola announced a release date when the wood-backed Moto X would begin shipping -- Tuesday, Jan. 21.

Moto X Wood Finishes Moto Maker Motorola Wood Backs Release Date Price Cost Customize The Moto X is now available in four different real wood finishes, and Motorola has lowered the price of the customizable option to $25 on top of the $400 cost of the phone off-contract. Photo: Motorola Mobility

The first Moto X wood finish released by the Google-owned manufacturer was Bamboo, which originally cost $100 in addition to the cost of the phone. Motorola has lowered the price of Bamboo to $25 in addition to the new finishes.

Motorola announced earlier this month that it would begin selling the Moto X in the UK, France and Germany. It assembles the Moto X in the U.S., at a facility in Ft. Worth, Tex.

Is $25 a reasonable price for the Moto X wood back? Let us know in the comments below.

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