Let the matchmaking begin! MTV has announced the premiere date and revealed the cast for Season 4 of its hit reality series “Are You The One?” And when viewers tune in for the Season 4 premiere on Monday, June 13, at 10 p.m. EDT there will be a “game-changing” plot twist.

In the first episode, the cast of 10 men and 10 women will be asked who believes in love at first sight. The first three contestants to raise their hands will be asked to pair up with their speculated perfect match and go on a date with them. Form there, the remaining cast members must pick one of those couples to go into the truth booth. If it all works out, and the pair is proven to be a perfect match, $250,000 will be added to the cast’s winnings, that is, if they win anything at all.

Similar to Season 3, the contestants are at risk of blacking out. If the cast fails to make at least one perfect match during each matchup ceremony, the group loses $250,000 of their million dollar jackpot. If the Season 4 stars black out during four matchups, they forfeit their entire winnings. However, if all 10 couples find their one, true loves, then they will split the big prize. 

Last season, the stars of the MTV series blacked out during one matchup ceremony, but still managed to find their perfect matches in the end and won $750,000. Will the Season 4 cast be as lucky?

Courtesy of MTV, here is the full Season 4 cast list:

Alyssa, 22 – Elgin, Illinois, Instagram: @lysscait

Camille, 23 – Wheatley Heights, New York, Instagram: @millegabrielle

Emma, 22 – Parker, Colorado, Instagram: @emmabsweigard       

Francesca, 22 – New York City, Instagram: @francesca_duncan

Julia, 22 – New Orleans, Instagram: @jrose_3       

Kaylen, 22 – Compton, California, Instagram: @amazedbykay


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Mikala, 22 – Ocean City, New Jersey, Instagram: @mikalathomass

Nicole, 22 – Denver, Instagram: @nuhcole11

Tori, 23 – Astoria, New York, Instagram: @torideal

Victoria, 22 – Chino Hills, CA, Instagram: @victoria_wyatt

Asaf, 24 – Tel Aviv, Israel, Instagram: @asafgoren1

Cam, 22 – Aurora, Colorado, Instagram: @bruckman

Cameron, 25 – Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Instagram: @camkobo


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Giovanni, 23 – Bridgeport, Connecticut, Instagram: @rivgio

John, 23 – Norfolk, Nebraska, Instagram: @aka_johnnydrama

Morgan, 24 – New York City, Instagram: @morgansaintpierre

Prosper, 25 – Albany, New York, Instagram: @IAMPMUNA

Sam, 22 – Barrington, Illinois, Instagram: @SamHandler32

Stephen, 24 – Media, Pennsylvania, Instagram: @stephenjohnii

Tyler, 26 – San Diego, Instagram: @niddygriddy

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