Did the "Are You the One?" Season 3 cast, pictured in a promo shot above, win the money during Wednesday's finale? Find out below! MTV/Viacom

With just two matchup ceremonies, two dates and two challenges left, the house was still trying to figure out how to get 10 beams of light and win "Are You the One?" Season 3 at the start of Wednesday's two-hour finale. In an effort to figure out which couples are perfect matches, the house decides to let Stacey and Alec win the next challenge and send them into the truth booth.

The Challenge

The couples are put on either side of a twisted rope and told to untangle them in order to win a spot on the getaway date. Hannah and Zak lock in first. Britni and Hunter quickly follow, earning the second spot on the date. When Austin sees the rest of the house is not letting Stacey and Alec win he tells Kayla to lock in, earning them a third spot on the getaway date.

The house is split over the challenge results. Austin says it is fine he locked in with Kayla because the the house still has a chance to find a perfect match as Hunter and Britni have sat together during multiple successful matchup ceremonies.

Mike's Farewell

Mike lets Amanda know he shared a kiss with Kayla and Amanda reacts by calling him “yesterday’s news.” Mike tries to speak to her calmly but she refuses and threatens to crack a glass bottle of his head. Amanda continues to lash out at Mike and repeatedly hits him in the head with a plastic cup.

Their argument escalates when Amanda taunts Mike by his bed. Mike calls himself a garbage man and says Amanda is “his products." Amanda accuses him of calling her "garbage" and hits him in the face with a pillow. When Mike throws Amanda by her neck onto the bed, Hunter and Chuck slam him for putting his hands on a woman. Mike gets angry at his housemates for not stepping in sooner to stop Amanda. The producers ask to speak to Mike outside and he is sent to a hotel for the night to avoid his fight with Amanda escalating further.

“I wasn’t trying to hurt Amanda. I lost it,” Mike explains to the cameras. “I’m happy to get out of the house right now… things just got taken too far.”

The next morning Amanda says she is officially done with Mike as he mirrors her past relationships that were toxic. Mike returns to the house to reveal he's leaving and apologizes for his actions. Amanda asks to speak with him privately and says she feels she should be going home too. Mike says what he did was “a lot worse” but that what happened is ultimately both of their faults.

Getaway Date

Kayla is sad about Mike leaving but lets herself have fun on her date with Austin. Britni and Hunter have some one-on-one time and Britni admits she thinks they're polar opposites. Zak tells Hannah he plans to visit her when the game is over. He says he is “falling more and more” for her every day. Hannah says she feels content in their relationship.

Truth Booth

Britni and Hunter are chosen by the house to visit the truth booth. Unlike Britni, Hunter says he feels confident they’re going to be a perfect match. Britni's instincts were correct and they’re revealed not to be a perfect match. Alec is happy about the outcome, saying the results make it clear his match is Stacey.

Matchup Ceremony

Devin takes charge and tells the house to reenact their matchups ahead of the ceremony in the hopes of having the “best comeback ever.” Despite their confidence going into the event, only one additional beam of light is revealed. A majority of the house comes to the conclusion that Zak and Hannah and Alec and Stacey are not perfect matches.

Last Challenge

The final challenge has the guys carrying their female companions on their backs through a series of obstacles. The three couples with the fastest time would win a spot on the date. Zak and Kayla finish the obstacle course first. Rashida and Devin and Melanie and Tyler win the other two spots on the date.

Last Date

On the final date, the three couples are sent to sail on canoes. Devin says he’s attracted to Rashida’s magnetic energy. Rashida asks Devin about his bond with Kiki and Devin says he doesn’t think Kiki is the one for him. Meanwhile, Kayla and Zak take a dip in a pool. Kayla says they have similar family values as they’re both Italian. Zak says there is a strong chance Kayla could be his perfect match.

Last Truth Booth

Zak and Kayla are sent into the truth booth. Hannah says she will get jealous if they’re proved to be a perfect match. Unfortunately for her, the two are a perfect match -- the second one for the Season 3 cast.

“I sat with him in the first matchup ceremony for a reason,” Kayla reasons.


Kiki continues to pursue Alec despite their failed connection during the final challenge and his interest in Amanda. He tells the cameras he doesn’t know who to pick during the final matchup.

Devin is put in charge of devising a plan for the final matchup. The house comes up with two scenarios that they think might work. They decide to flip a coin to decide which plan to go with. When the coin reveals they’re going with a scenario that doesn’t match Kiki up with Alec, she becomes upset and says they’re destined to lose the game.

Final Matchup

When the cast reveals their plan to let their fate rest on a coin toss, Connor, who was previously matched with Chelsey, is upset. Devin explains they’re about to turn 25 cents into $750,000. And in what is the most epic “Are You the One?” comeback ever, the cast manages to escape a second blackout, get 10 beams of light and win the $750,000 cash prize.

Here are all of the "Are You the One?" Season 3 perfect matches:











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