, one of the Internet's fastest growing websites, will begin to offer Fox's popular 24 series as a download through its site next week.

The popular teen website, owned by News Corporation will sell each first season episode for $1.99. The offering will catapult Myspace into territory already occupied by web portal Yahoo! and music jukebox Itunes from Apple.

In recent months, TV networks that have rushed to make their shows available for sale on iTunes for $1.99, include News Corporation's Fox, which sealed a deal to sell shows on the service last week.

Myspace, the top social networking site has over 75 million registered users worldwide. According to Neilsen/Net Ratings, Myspace also enjoys a year to year growth rate of 367 percent.

To entice these users into trying the new program and to also showcase it's own products, Burger King Holdings plans to sponsor a special Have it your way' section - reflecting the company's slogan - where users will be able to download up to two free episodes.