Actress Lindsay Lohan, who has been sentenced to serve 30 days behind the bars, pulled massive crowds to the premises of the Los Angeles Superior court where the judge Stephanie Sautner pronounced the sentence.

Though the major issue was the jail sentence, the observers couldn't help but notice a mysterious blurry mark on Lohan's left arm, as she sat in court in a polka-dotted dress and a messy hairstyle. The smudged mark on Lohan's arm has been confirmed to be an unfinished tattoo. The outline of the tattoo was an attempt at reproducing a work of art by the artist Mark Ryden, originally named, Night Visit. The sleeping angelic-faced girl was pictured as being visited in the night by an elf. Lohan has liked the innocence of the girl which was inked last year. However, the actress left it unfinished, a Daily Mail report said.



The smudged mark on Lindsay Lohan's left arm is the outline of an unfinished tattoo. It was an attempt at reproducing a work of art by the artist Mark Ryden, originally named, 'Night Visit' (Top Right) Credit: Reuters/ Mark Ryden


The judge has allowed Lohan time to complete her Playboy shoot and will be jailed only by Nov. 9.

In the event of Lohan not completing the shoot she would be in the difficult situation of a breach of contract with the adult magazine, which prompted her lawyer Shawn Holley to request the judge for grace period to serve her sentence.

Though the actual sentence asks for 30 days in jail, Lohan may get away with hours or a couple of days due to crowding of Los Angeles jails.

According to a TMZ report, a source within the Sheriff's department told the Web site that if someone receives a misdemeanor sentence of 90 days or less, they are routinely processed in and then released.

She'll be out without even having to change her clothes, the insider said.