Nudity seems to be the name of the game at Resorts Casino Atlantic City, which announced this week it will host an adults-only Naked Circus in a parking lot tent beginning in July.

Apparently, the circus performers will not be completely naked, but close. It'll be as naked as the law allows, Resorts co-owner Dennis Gomes told the Associated Press. His son Aaron Gomes specified that the female performers will wear pasties and G-strings.

Under the direction of Gomes, Resorts Casino Atlantic City has steadily gained a reputation as a lascivious playground. And it's not an accident: Gomes is admittedly and unapologetically pushing a salacious agenda in order to win back millions of dollars in losses under the previous ownership. The former law enforcement officer for the Nevada Gaming Control Board partnered with New York real estate magnate Morris Bailey in late 2010 to purchase Resorts Casino Atlantic City for 31.5 million dollars.

As IBTimes reported in May, the casino unveiled a sexy redesign inspired by Prohibition-era speakeasies and underground nightlife. The unveiling revealed employees in (often skimpy) roaring 20's style costumes, and the first ever casino-housed gay nightclub in Atlantic City.

The randy rebranding has been effective in getting Resorts Casino attention, but not all of it has been positive. Over a dozen former waitresses have sued the casino, claiming they were fired because they were deemed insufficiently sexy for the new, revealing flapper costumes. The fired servers claim that older waitresses were forced to audition in the new costumes, and that the costumes given to them for the audition were intentionally ill-fitting and unflattering. Two lawsuits are pending, but Gomes seems unfazed.

Sexiness is just part of it, he said. It's excitement, fun. Everything that Las Vegas has, we're going to have.