When Casey Anthony is released from jail on July 17, what's in store ahead?

Public scorn? A bout of seclusion? A financial bonanza?  Perhaps a combination.

Perhaps in 1960 or 1970 Casey Anthony would have to run away and hide for the rest of her life, but the United States in 2011 is a different society and culture than it was 50 or 40 years ago. To be sure, a certain percentage of the country will view her as much worse than 'the cat that ate the canary and got away.'  In other words, an injustice has occurred.

However, another segment will -- if not standing by her -- argue that the state failed to present an overwhelming argument -- beyond a reasonable doubt is the legal term -- that she killed her daughter, 2-year-old Kaylee, therefore she is innocent. After all, in the states, you can not sentence someone to life imprisonment -- let alone the death penalty -- if there is a reasonable doubt.

I.E., for this segment of the American public it's, 'Nancy Grace, eat your heart out.'

And, as the above suggests, after a 'quiet period' or 'period of separation' it's entirely possible that Casey Anthony could hit the talk show circuit, write a book, or have an agent strike a deal fora movie on her circumstance -- as she sees it. A portion of the public will listen, read, or pay to see her movie.

Depending on your perspective, the sudden celebrity and possible payday for Casey Anthony is either: a) a major example of what's wrong with the United States or b) another aspect of the relentless force called capitalism and commerce.