The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) has released Dancing with the Stars viewer complaints in response to Nancy Grace's alleged nip slip on Sept. 26.

After the HLN host performed a quickstep with partner Tristan MacManus, the camera lingered for a moment on her ample cleavage, revealing what appeared to be a wandering nipple.

Though Grace initially appeared to acknowledge the incident, she has vehemently denied the wardrobe malfunction.

But some angry viewers are sure of what they -- and their traumatized children -- saw, according to about a dozen complaints made public in response to a Freedom of Information act, The Smoking Gun reports.

Here are some of the highlights:

I was watching Dancing with the Stars and Nancy Grace displayed her naked pornographic breast and nipple on national television.  This is an outrage that ABC would broadcast pornography to a family audience. I have read that Nancy Grace is denying it but there are screen captures which clearly show her pornographic nipple display as it was seen on TV. I demand that ABC and Nancy Grace be fined for this disgusting and godless display of her naked breast on television, said on Los Angeles viewer.

Another viewer from Burbank demanded action. I am so offended to see her boob, my kids are traumatized. I want action against her and this network!

A viewer from Texas said simply, Exposed female nipple during a time when my kids were watching. Completely unacceptable.

Someone from Queens called foul play, accusing Grace of participating in a publicity stunt: It was clearly done on purpose to generate news stories and interest in the show.

One of the complaints did not have anything to do with Nancy Grace at all:

Dear Sirs: Respectfully, I am tired of the homosexual community trying to normalize their abnormal behavior.  Chaz Bono is an example of a confused person and her/he [sic] should not be on family programming. I will not watch this show now and forever because they crossed the last line for me.

Grace has maintained that her undergarments would not have permitted a nipple escape.

I was not flashing anybody . . . I think that when I did that backwards thing, there was a seismic shift, but I do not think there was a wardrobe malfunction, Grace told Access Hollywood.

Believe me, that is not what I want my twins to read on the Internet in two or three years when they can final read . . . when I left the floor, I still didn't [understand], because everybody always makes jokes about my cleavage. I didn't get it, she added.

Grace also tweeted a photo of herself holding up a package of breast petals, with this message: Evidence re my alleged 'wardrobe malfunction which I vehemently deny: Breast Petals & industrial strength bra.

There have been no reports of the FCC imposing a fine on ABC or Nancy Grace.