It’s time to get addicted to another season of Netflix’s brilliantly shot “Narcos.” But before delving into Season 2 of the Pablo Escobar-centered drama series, here’s a quick recap of what happened in the Season 1 finale in 2015:

1. Murphy And Pena Get Suspended

The Season 1 finale kicked off with DEA Agents Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) and Javier Peña (Pedro Pascal) getting suspended by Ambassador Noonan (Danielle Kennedy) after they leaked photos of Pablo Escobar’s (Wagner Moura) luxurious prison, La Catedral, and pictures indicating that two men had been murdered inside his palatial prison to the press.

However, the leak still managed to get the goal the DEA Agents wanted – an investigation into the murders that took place at the Cartel boss’ so-called prison.

When Murphy heads home after hearing news of his suspension, a group of men kidnap him. It seems like they might be the kingpin’s men, but viewers aren’t sure at this point.

2. Gaviria Orders The Military To Capture Escobar

Meanwhile, back at La Catedral, Pablo reads the newspaper and realizes that he may be in trouble. However, he thinks he will be fine since he disposed off the bodies.

Unfortunately, President César Gaviria (Raúl Méndez) wants to take some serious steps to end Pablo Escobar’s reign. He orders the military to capture the Medellín cartel boss and remove him from his prison. His plan is to tell the Colombian drug lord that they have uncovered threats to his life and, for his safety, the government is transferring him to a secure prison while they renovate his existing one.

Narcos Sandoval became a hostage at La Cathedral in the Season 1 finale of Netflix's “Narcos.” Photo: Daniel Daza/Netflix

3. Sandoval Shows Up At La Catedral

The plan backfires when the general in charge of the operation misunderstands the orders on purpose and merely stations the men outside Escobar’s prison. Gaviria’s right hand man and Minister of Justice, Eduardo Sandoval (Manolo Cardona), thinking that the drug trafficker is in custody, enters his prison only to learn that Gaviria’s orders have been misinterpreted.

Sandoval, comforted by the fact that Escobar isn’t dumb enough to kill the Minister of Justice, walks into the prison and decides to inform the smuggler about the prison transfer.

Pablo, of course, refuses the prison transfer offer. However, when Sandoval attempts to leave in order to inform the President of his decision, Pablo refuses to let him go. The scenario quickly becomes a hostage situation since Escobar refuses to let him walk. Instead, he urges him to call the President from the prison’s phone.

Sandoval calls Gaviria and tells him more or less that he is Escobar’s hostage.

4. Finally, the Special Forces Storm The Drug Lord’s Prison

Gaviria, now fed up of the drug lord’s persistent demands, decides to send the special forces to the prison.

5. Murphy Wasn’t Kidnapped

While the Special Forces invade La Catedral and destabilize the drug lord’s headquarters, Peña tries his best to locate Murphy by using his contacts in the CIA and on the streets. Unfortunately, he comes up with no useful information. Fearing the worst, he heads to the Ambassador to finally sound the alarm of a missing DEA Agent.

Fortunately, Muprhy is safe and sound at the Ambassador’s office. Turns out that the Cali Cartel had taken him to some location in order to have a chat. There is a noticeable tension between Peña and Murphy in the final moments of Season 1 of the Netflix series.

6. Connie Wants To Go Home

Escobar escapes prison with a handful of men after the Special Forces attack his prison.

Meanwhile, Murphy’s wife Connie (Joanna Christie) has had enough and wants to go home to America.

Netflix will stream Season 2 of “Narcos” on Friday, Sept. 2, at 3:01 a.m. EST.