Find out who killed Pablo Escobar when "Narcos" premieres Season 2 on Netflix on Friday, Sept. 2. Juan Pablo Gutierrez/Netflix

Netflix’s “Narcos,” which chronicles the life of international drug lord Pablo Escobar, is set to premiere Season 2 in September. Season 1 ended with the Medellín cartel boss escaping his luxurious “prison” in order to evade the authorities. Season 2 will focus on the hunt for the ruthless criminal while he’s on run.

However, a quick Google search will reveal that Escobar was never captured but gunned down in 1993. Still, watching the kingpin elude authorities and kill law enforcement officers are enough reasons to watch the drama series.

Netflix released a new promo video of “Narcos” Season 2 which gives a glimpse of what to expect in the upcoming episodes.

Watch the preview and read three things we learned from it below:

1. Alliances Are Formed

In Season 1, Pablo Escobar was more or less hunted only by the DEA with some assistance from the Colombian government. However, Season 2 will see the DEA, Cali Cartel, Los Pepes and the Search Bloc join forces in order to put the drug trafficker behind bars. While the U.S. and Colombian authorities want to see the cocaine smuggler in prison, the Cali Cartel are out to exact revenge on Escobar. Even Los Pepes, a vigilante group composed of enemies of the drug lord, want him to pay for his numerous crimes.

The Season 2 preview also tells “Narcos” fans that the Columbian government has offered every available resource for capturing Escobar. It’s an all-out manhunt.

1. Pablo Is More Dangerous Than Ever

The world’s richest criminal has been shown to be an extremely ruthless and merciless man in Season 1. In Season 2, he will be even more dangerous than ever since he won’t hesitate to kill anyone who wants to kill him or put him behind bars.

2. “Narcos” Will Attempt To Solve The Mystery Of Who Shot The Kingpin

It has never been proven who actually shot Pablo Escobar. Some allege that he got fatally wounded during a gunfight, while some others claim he shot himself.

All episodes of “Narcos” Season 2 will premiere on Friday, Nov. 2 on Netflix.