With NASA's Curiosity rover having been on the surface of Mars for a few days now, it's beginning to send back some high-quality photos, unlike the low-resolution thumbnails the rover took immediately after landing. Many of the best new photos are in color.

Currently, Curiosity is preparing for its planned "brain transplant." Over the weekend, the rover's controlling software will transition from one suite best suited for flight to another suite best suited for traveling around the Martian surface and controlling its robotic arm.

One major component of the transition will be better hazard-avoidance software, meaning Curiosity will do a better job of identifying a safe path for travel.

Once the "transplant" is complete on Monday, the Curiosity rover will have replaced its main software on both of its two redundant computers. Afterward, Curiosity will be able to make much longer drives more efficiently, resulting in better data and photographs.

Little scientific data will be sent during the "brain transplant," and NASA scientists will spend the weekend analyzing pictures and data from the rover, working to identify points of interest for Curiosity to explore.